Solve for X: Google’s Answer to All World Problems


We Solve For X is a new project that Google has put together to help solve some of the world’s greatest problems that are facing our civilization. Problems such as global warming, and other stuff of science fiction that just might be possible.

X is a solution to a seemingly impossible problem that affects the world. Google believes that we can solve some of the world’s greatest problems by working together. Solve for X appears to be more focused on global problems, using them as opportunities to encourage “moonshot” thinking.

This new project by Google emphasizes the good there is in the world and how we as a people can change the world we live in by working together to solve some big problems.

From the We Solve For X website:

Solve for X is a place where the curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems. Radical in the sense that the solutions could help billions of people. Radical in the sense that the audaciousness of the proposals makes them sound like science fiction. And radical in the sense that there is some real technology breakthrough on the horizon to give us all hope that these ideas could really be brought to life.

This combination of things – a huge problem to solve, a radical solution for solving it, and the breakthrough technology to make it happen – is the essence of a moonshot.

Solve for X is intended to be a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork.

This new project by Google emphasizes promoting a better world around us. The types of problems they’re trying solve supposedly are related to Google X, Google’s secret lab of far out ideas.

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