Google Bouncer Security Tool Fights Android Malware

Google Android MalwareGoogle has shed new light on Bouncer, a security system it credits with slowing the spread of malware on its Android platform.

The company said the Bouncer tool automatically scans applications on the Android Market, constantly checking and removing any that could potentially harm users or compromise private data.

Google said that since Bouncer has been operating, malware levels have gone down. The company noted that over the second half of 2011, malicious downloads had decreased by 40 percent.

The company said the tool begins scanning as soon as the developer submits an application. After checking for known malware samples, the tool uses behavioral analysis and virtualized testing to check for possible malicious activity that may have slipped past the first scan.

Additionally, the tool will scan developer accounts and flags developers who repeatedly offend security policies and privacy protections.

Bouncer comes as Google is looking to counter negative reports about the security of its mobile platform. A number of research and analyst reports in recent months have warned that 2012 could see Android malware levels reach new highs.

Google, meanwhile, said it will continue to implement platforms that detect and eliminate malware and also mitigate the impact of malware samples that make it into the wild.

“No security approach is foolproof, and added scrutiny can often lead to important improvements,” according to a company blog post by Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google vice president of Android engineering. “Our systems are getting better at detecting and eliminating malware every day, and we continue to invite the community to work with us to keep Android safe.”

This article was originally published on V3.

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