New Mobile AdWords Targeting Options: WiFi & OS Version

If you are an advertiser using Google AdWords you need to pay attention to the latest Google update. Advertisers can now target mobile devices that are using WiFi, as well as target what type of OS the mobile phone has.

Mobile users are taking the internet by storm. Mobile users are becoming a large portion of several combines advertising budget. With recent updates in mobile and Google now crawling mobile pages, it’s becoming an area advertisers shouldn’t ignore.

WiFi Targeting

This new feature will allow you to target mobile devices that have a WIFI connection. This is very important to advertisers that require a high speed connection to view your website. Good for many intense websites that have video or other high bandwidth content that you want to target mobile only consumers.

You can set up different campaigns to target users on WIFI connections that are on different networks as well. This will help you expand your reach and target consumers that can actually view your content.

I suggest trying this out, I have found that when you test this option that you get lower bounce rates as well as people spending longer on the site. With customers pages landing pages loading faster, it give the customer much more of a reason to go to the next page. This also eliminates the slow loading page on the mobile phone.


OS Version Targeting

Before Google added this feature, you could only target mobile users by their operating system platform such as iOS, Android, or WebOS with your ads. Now you can target different platforms and OS, such as iOS 4.0 or the latest iOS 5.0.1 that runs on the iPhone 4s.

It’s always a good idea to test out which one is converting better. I have found that iPhones work better for some of my customers and Android work better for other customers.

It’s all about testing, testing, testing. You have to and should test everything. You can take advantage of both these new targeting options in your Campaign Settings.


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