Man Changes Name to Mark Zuckerberg to Defend Selling Likes


No, not that Mark Zuckerberg. The other one; the Mark Zuckerberg formerly known as Rotem Guez. Technically, that was his name the last time he was sued by Facebook.

See, the Zuckerberg formerly known as Guez is an enterprising fellow. He started an online store selling Facebook Likes. Facebook tried to shut him down, as this clearly violates their terms of service.

In January 2011, according to New Zuckerberg, he sued Facebook and their Israeli affiliate Nana 10 MASA, after they allegedly locked him out of his personal Facebook account and refused to restore access.

He then reports, on the website dedicated to his cause, that in September, Facebook “…sent Mr. Guez (in return) a revengeful (sic) lawsuit, claiming that Mr. Guez and ‘Like Store’ violated Facebook’s TOS by selling advertisers ‘Fans’ for their ‘Fan Pages’, and stated that only Facebook, Inc. can provide such a service. Facebook, Inc. demanded that Mr. Guez close his company and never access Facebook’s site, services, platform or network for any reason whatsoever.”

Please note – the lawsuit New Zuckerberg refers to seems to actually have been a cease and desist letter.

Not one to be deterred by such unclear and ambiguous language, Guez then decided the only rational thing to do would be to change his name to Mark Zuckerberg so he can do whatever he wants on Facebook.

As he told the Huffington Post in an emailed statement: “Facebook decided to sue me after I myself, filed a law suit against them, in Israel. I wanted that once they sue me, they’ll face suing “Mark Zuckerberg”. Facebook accused me of selling ficticious “Likes”, which is not true, our “Likes” come from real users who want to receive our content, and instead of paying us with money, they pay us with “Likes”. The idea was, if only “Mark Zuckerberg” is allowed to sell likes, then for that matter, I’m “Mark Zuckerberg”.

Well, that settles it then. If Facebook wants to sue the man formerly known as Guez for selling Likes, they’ll have to sue Mark Zuckerberg. In the meantime, New Zuckerberg will be busy moving his things into Real Zuckerberg’s office in Palo Alto, while I will be filing papers to become Angelina Jolie, since that apparently gives me free rein to take over her life. Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this!

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