Got Opinion but No Camera? Illustrate Your Point of View with Xtranormal

xtranormalCan you create a YouTube video to influence public opinion without a video camera? Well, four new animated videos use Xtranormal Movie Maker, which lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie, to promote a point of view.

For example, Michigan Auto Law, which specializes in serious car, truck and motorcycle accidents in that state, is using Xtranormal Movie Maker to make fun of a campaign to repeal Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law.

Back on Nov. 16, 2011, Steven M. Gursten, a motorcycle accident lawyer, attended the “Next Gen YouTube Marketing” session at SES Chicago. One of the tips shared at during the session was to go to and use one of the eight video creation sites that are featured there to make personal videos or animations and post them directly to YouTube. And it appears that the motorcycle accident lawyers at Michigan Auto Law followed up on that advice and made a new YouTube movie entitled “Ignore the Spiel about the Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal.”

The new video’s description says, “A fictional conversation between Sen. Stan Fornuthin and a motorcyclist named EZ Rider, (illustrates) the absurdity and lack of common sense behind the campaign to repeal Michigan’s decades-old motorcycle helmet law.”

In a post on the Michigan Auto Lawyers Blog entitled “Ignore the Spiel on the Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal,” Gursten asks, “Is the repeal efforts of state motorcycle helmet laws one of the worst ideas ever?”

And he answers his own rhetorical question by saying, “If the motorcycle helmet law is repealed, more people will die, and more people will be catastrophically injured. States like Michigan that already have stretched finances will be asked to pay for lifetime catastrophic care for people seriously injured in motorcycle accidents, as these motorcycle operators are shifted to Medicaid. That means taxpayers will be asked to foot the bills.”

A second person who has created animated videos to promote his point of view is Omid Malekan who makes videos that entertain and educate. Check out his newest one, which is entitled, “Mockumentary Presents: Politics in America.”

The video’s description says it is “an in-depth look at the current political environment in America, from the Occupy Wall Street protesters to the President’s reaction to the Republican Primary.”

Finally, Tiny Watch Productions has been creating animated videos on YouTube for years. According to its channel description, “Tiny Watch Productions was created with 1 part Grape Kool-Aid, 2 parts Aviator Sunglasses and 3 Parts used motor oil. We love offbeat and refreshing humor. We also love collecting top hats.”

It’s latest animated video is entitled “iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S.”

As the video’s description says, “The Fred Save Age has arrived.”

Now, I may or may not approve each of these messages. But I stand by all of these animated videos. They are good examples of one of the plays that you won’t find in the YouTube Creator Playbook.

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