Competitive Research Session: SES San Jose 2005

I just finished the first of my prep notes, this one for
Competitive Research session at SES San Jose 2005.
We first started offering this session at our SES New York 2004, and it has continued to be one of those keepers that attendees love. It was the brainchild of
Allan Dick, General Manager, Vintage Tub & Bath. He
suggested pulling together a panel that looked at how search engines could be used to know what your competitors are doing. The various panelists all take a look at his site
plus some of Allan’s competitors. It’s amazing what you can find out and act upon. If you’ve not seen it before, consider checking it out on the first day of the show, August
8. Aside from being educational, the panelists are all pretty funny, especially Allan when he does his opening.

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