In House Forum & In House Track – SES San Jose 2005

I still get the occasional person who says to me, "Oh, SES, it’s full of SEOs." It’s not, that is, if you take SEOs to mean only those who do SEO work for others. There are
a ton of "in house" SEO people who do work for their own companies at the show, and the numbers are growing all the time. I know, because I talk to them and hear from them
directly about wanting more content just for the in house person.

Enter our our new "In House Track" for Day 3 of the show. It kicks off with the
Big Site/Big Brand SEM and Working
sessions that I’ve mentioned before on the blog, which revolve around in house issues. The track ends with the
In House Forum, a PowerPoint-free zone. It’s 90 minutes of pure Q&A. I’ve got a number of panelists,
some from the previous sessions and some new. The line-up:

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