One Last Search Engine Strategies San Jose Speaking Opening (Now Filled)

I have one more, exactly and only one more, opening to speak at SES San Jose
this August. Here’s the session:

Search & Phone Calls
: I’m looking for someone that can talk about
experiences and issues of tracking search marketing conversions that happen via
phone calls, rather than online. Using custom 800 numbers in a unique way?
Giving out coupons and encouraging calls? Doing something that is NOT
pay-per-call? Then I’ve got a 15 minute spot for you. Contact me through July

Before pitching, please review the
tips on
how to pitch.

Please note this is the only session I have left. Please don’t send me
messages suggesting new sessions, "checking in" in case I’ve had last minute
openings, etc.

Postscript: Sorry, this is now filled

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