SES Toronto Speaking Update

As you might have gathered from my previous post on this topic or by looking at the Toronto agenda, the pitch window closed some time ago, and the speaking slots are all filled. Many proposals were reviewed, and some sessions had a lot more requests than others. Not getting on the program doesn’t necessarily mean the pitch wasn’t good. Remember, some speakers have a demonstrated track record; in other cases there were specific programmatic objectives towards trying new things. That means there are actually fewer spaces than it appears.

There is one exception: although I did receive many comments from people saying they would be “willing” to sit in on the What’s Your Purple Cow Quotient: Differentiation and Positioning Workshop, unsurprisingly, few of those comments had much purple cow in them! So I’d be looking for another participant or two there, but only if you are a professional branding and positioning expert, or have a demonstrated 99th-percentile nose for remarkability. It’s always been tough to stand out from the pack. This must be why my high school French teacher, Mr. Stoate, sometimes tap-danced on his desk to get our attention.

We also have a late cancellation and therefore an opening on “Get Dugg! Social Media and WOM Targeting Tips.” If interested in that one, let me know.

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