SES New York: Now Accepting Session & Speaker Proposals!

Please note that the SES New York agenda will be posted later this week. We are now accepting proposals for new and innovative sessions as well as speaking submissions.


Event: March 24-26, 2009

Deadline for proposing a new session: January 30, 2009
Deadline for pitching to speak: February 20, 2009

Speaking Guidelines are here.

The Speaker Submission Form is here.

As always, priority consideration is given to practitioner case studies, especially when they are presented by a representative of the organization. Precedence is also given to those speakers who demonstrate substantive, unfettered, real-world answers to specific, real-world questions (try to share the mistakes along with the successes!).

* Please note that for the C-Level Track on Day 1, we are seeking C-level executive speakers only.

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