Connected Marketing Week just around the corner….

Hi SES Community! Welcome to the re-launched SES blog. This is an exciting time for SES, as we are just a few weeks away from our week long marketing festival in San Francisco, Connected Marketing Week. And there are lots of new things happening over at SES headquarters….we’ve just launched our first ever mobile app, we have brand new shiny badge booklets making their debut at Connected Marketing Week, and new session formats such as SpeedConnect and Meet the Experts Roundtables are all being introduced. These sessions reflect the core values of our brand – Education and Networking, which leads me onto our blog. I’ll be covering all aspects of SES, including the following:

·         Key information on our events

·         Previews for upcoming shows

·         Interviews with speakers/attendees

·         Roundups of sessions and networking events

·         Relevant news

·         Tips for speaking pitches

·         Polls on Industry trends

·         Videos and pictures from recent events

And lots more….Stay tuned for a preview with our opening keynote speaker coming tomorrow.

Remember this blog is for YOU – tell us what you would like on here and we’ll do our best to feature it for you. If you have any comments or ideas that are relevant for the SES community get in touch via, look me up on twitter at @lauraroth, or come and find me at Connected Marketing Week in San Francisco in August! 

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