Yandex Teams With Seznam on Video Search Results, Now Reports Malware


Yandex announced a partnership with Czech search engine Seznam on Wednesday. Yandex developed a video search service that will be provided on the Czech search engine at

Utilizing queries based on the Czech language and grammatical structure, the search engine, itself, uses Yandex technology to provide the results. Yandex already provides video search for their Russian user base. This new partnership expanded the Yandex team to include members from the Czech Republic.

Seznam is the Czech Republic’s largest search engine and information portal, with a 56 percent market share for Czech searches. The new video search service will run on its main portal at, as well as 12 of the major video hosting services, including, and Voyo.

The video search component was greatly needed. More than 5 percent of queries on the Seznam portal are related to video search.

Yandex Now Reporting Malware on Sites

Over the summer, Yandex translated its Yandex.Webmaster service – their equivalent of Webmaster tools – into English. Like similar services offered by Google and Bing in the U. S., Yandex offers users keywords used to discover the site and other tidbits of the search engine views the owner’s site.

Starting today, Yandex is now alerting website owners of the threat of malware if discovered. After indexing pages, Yandex checks its index and notifies the owners of the websites whose pages contain malicious code.

Though Yandex doesn’t change its index – the malicious code is not altered or changed in the indexed results – it does mark the site as potentially harmful in the search results page, though provides its users with a safe copy of a potentially harmful page.

Yandex uses its own antivirus suite, based on the website signature and behavioral approaches to detecting malware. Currently, Yandex claims to check over 21 million pages each day. From their numbers, more than 3,000 new websites are found to be contaminated each day.

Yandex is providing this automatic notification service to site owners free of charge and regardless if the site is registered for Yandex.Webmaster.

It’s been a busy week for Russian search giant Yandex. In addition to becoming the default search engine on Russian Windows Phones after inking a deal with Microsoft, Yandex also acquired mobile software development company SPB Software to further beef up its mobile offerings.

With all the changes and apparent moves Yandex is making, you can’t help but wonder if Yandex is preparing for a move into the U. S. search space. Speaking to Search Engine Watch, a Yandex spokesperson declined comment, stating Yandex doesn’t comment on its future plans.

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