AdWords Editor Adds Top-of-Page Bid Estimate Support

The latest AdWords Editor update, 9.7.1, includes top-of-page estimates via Automated Rules, the ability to manage bids based on these estimates, as well as the ability to filter keywords within advanced search. AdWords introduced the new estimated top page bid metric in September.

Automated Rules, as Google explains, allow advertisers to schedule automatic adjustments to an AdWords account based on specified criteria, such as changing a daily budget on peak shopping days or modifying max CPC based on click-through or conversion rates.


To create such a rule, you have to go to All Online Campaigns → Keywords → Automate → Raise bids to top of page CPC when…” After selecting all these, you should fill out the campaign form and submit it.

Obviously, you have to make sure that you set bidding at maximum. As well, don’t forget that only good quality keywords can help you to get the results that you want.

For more on Automated Rules, check out Joseph Kerschbaum’s articles on Automated Rules (on campaign level changes and the requirements/criteria you can use).

The new version of AdWords Editor brings along some great targeting improvements when compared to previous versions. One such improvement is targeting all languages. Any user can create international campaigns by simply creating a language list.

Additionally, this version allows users to target WiFi traffic by using the device targeting tool while the Edit Settings section is ready to help advertisers to customize different exclusion and targeting methods. For more on what’s new, you can see Version 9.7.1 release notes.

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