adCenter Introduces Multi-Metric Trend Graphs

Over the past years adCenter performance history has been a bit hard to understand, let alone access. This has now changed with the new adCenter Multi-Metric Trend Graphs that will allow you to more easily understand your campaign performance.

The Multi-Metric Trend Graphs will now appear on the Home and Campaign tabs within your adCenter interface. It will give a snapshot of your overall campaign performance. This comes after a big update last week in adCenter adding negative keyword functionality.

The new functional multi-metric trend chart presents up to five performance metrics at once. This will allow you to compare all your important performance metrics simultaneously within a single interface. You’re also given the ability to hover over any of the charts to focus in on the details of that chart.

Here are a few examples of the multi-metric graph that will allow you to see everything that your campaign is doing:


The smaller charts to the right are a large snapshot of everything that’s going on in the account. The large one is a dialed in version that is zoomed-in version of the one on the right.

You can put your mouse over the smaller graphs to zero in on whatever data you wish to look at. Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, and CPA.

In the example above you know the campaign is doing well because of the clicks going up and the CPA going down. Now you can see everything in one interface that will help you make better educated decisions.


In this example you can see impressions peaked out, as well as clicks. Resulting in peace of mind over your account.


In this example impressions have virtually stayed the same while clicks have gone down. Your average CPC peaked as well as your spend. You can easily see the problem with the new interface. You can easily see that you paid more because your average CPC went up. This graphs let’s you know that you need to minimize the CPC peaks in the future by improving your ad copy.


In the last example, clicks are flat, CPC is flat, conversions took a dip while CPA had a peak. If you know much about PPC isn’t not that hard to see what’s happening here. You need to improve your conversion rate by optimizing URLs.

The new multi-metric feature will allow you to chose one of eight metrics for any of the large or small graphs to help you better analyze your accounts. You can find the graphs in two different locations. Under the Campaigns tab and under the Home tab.

On the Campaigns tab click the “Account performance trend” bar near the top of the page. This will display the multi-metric graph. To find it under the Home tab click “Simple” near the top of the page right next to where it says “Interactive”. Try out the two different locations as they both have different views because of their different layouts. Here is the Home page version:


Which layout do you prefer better? If you haven’t gotten caught up on all the adCenter Holiday updates, this is just one of many updates that have happened in the past couple weeks.

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