Yahoo Adds Recipe, Shopping, Entertainment Search Features

Yahoo, which recently rolled out redesigned search results, is adding some new search options just in time for the holidays. Users can now do advanced searches for recipes, use Yahoo for quick comparison shopping, and get richer updates for entertainment queries.

Advanced Recipe Search


When users enter a query that is clearly related to recipes, they will now see rich results at the top of the page. Those results provide mouth-watering images, the average star rating of dishes, the recipe source, and a quick link to details such as required ingredients and preparation time.

Users will also have the option to navigate to tabs that filter the recipes into popular categories, such as quick recipes or low-calorie options. They can then narrow the results even further by using the “filter by ingredient” option at the top-right. If they find something really amazing, they can also share the content to Facebook in just a few clicks.

Beyond the rich entry in the SERP, the “Recipes” tab allows users to sort and filter content based on ingredients, star rating, prep time, and more.

New Shopping Searches

As we near the buying frenzy that is post-Thanksgiving in the U.S., the search engines are all likely to launch new shopping features. Yahoo is no exception, and this year they are adding options to search “for a product or category, like watches or cameras, and then easily compare products, find coupons and deals, and check out helpful buying guides.”

Users can also compare core information for up to five products, with Yahoo compiling product specs, reviews, warranty information, and more. Users can also post the content they search for on Facebook to ask for the feedback of friends.

The Improved Entertainment Widget

Yahoo Entertainment Widget Lady Gaga

When users conduct searches for entertainment-related topics, such as the name of a celebrity, they will now get a top widget that features quick access to news stories, recent Twitter posts, and other relevant content; for musicians, album information and performances may be available, for example.

The entertainment improvements strengthen Yahoo’s strongest position; the site is well-known for its entertainment news and continues to see high volumes of traffic on that topic despite a diminishing share of search.

Are these changes enough to make you want to use Yahoo this winter? What else could Yahoo provide to win you over? And what sort of changes do you expect Bing and Google to implement in the coming weeks?

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