Google Releases Think Insights Trend & Research Hub for Marketers

Google has graduated Think Insights from beta. This tool now compiles real-time data from Google search and other platforms, combining those facts with additional studies, infographics, and more.

Users can find the site at, and then explore tools that focus on different sectors of the virtual world. Google described the site as an “information and resource hub for marketers” in the Official Google Blog post announcing Think Insights’ graduation. The post also indicated that Google will continue to use the site as a data-centric storehouse for “consumer trends, marketing insights, and industry research.”

That storehouse is filled with specific insights from Google (frequently compiled as infographics) as well as studies, reports, a research library, a fact and statistic sheet, and planning tools. While some of the information comes directly from Google, a large portion of the studies are the result of independent or collaborative research. The “Volvo Across Screens” study, for instance, was conducted by Nielsen Multi-Media Labs with Google’s involvement.


More specialized tools are also present and accounted for. The “Real-Time Insights Finder” is just one example. This tool, pictured above, allows users to figure out what people are watching, searching for, blogging about, clicking on, and more.

Google also uses the Real-Time Insights Finder as a launching point for other specialized search tools that tap into real-time information; Search Insights, YouTube Comment Search, and Google Trends are a few of the additional tools linked from this page.

Google has also set up a Google+ page for Think Insights, giving users an opportunity to create a discussion about the new tool and simultaneously demonstrating how businesses can use Google+. Users are encouraged to give feedback, as this is still an early-phase service.

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