Google AdWords Opens Premier SMB Partner Program

In addition to its Partner and Certified Partner programs, Google AdWords is now releasing a Premier SMB Partner (PSP) program that connects small- to medium-sized business owners with established advertising firms specializing in AdWords.

The PSP Program for Businesses

Google AdWords LogoFor business owners, the Premier SMB Partner program is an opportunity to have AdWords campaigns implemented and managed by certified experts. In addition to providing an advertising alternative that is often more economic than managing the PPC campaigns internally, partnering through the PSP program guarantees that you’ll be working with an established firm.

Businesses who use the program will also get (according to the Google PSP business page):

  • Detailed reporting on the performance of their campaigns
  • Email and phone support
  • Experts with “local knowledge, product expertise, and access to Google technology”

While Google’s pitch is largely geared to brick-and-mortar locations, the service also helps businesses get additional leads or sales through their site.

The PSP Program for Partners

Becoming a partner with Google’s PSP program isn’t easy, but it comes with some strong benefits. According to Google’s PSP for partners page, advertising agencies who are accepted into the program will receive:

  • Access to new Google technologies
  • Technical, marketing, account, and product support from Google
  • Access to joint promotions
  • Performance incentives

The elligibility requirements make it clear that this program is meant for established advertising firms; partner companies must be able to handle “a base of several hundred, and in many cases, several thousand advertisers.” They must also demonstrate their knowledge of Google AdWords, provide email and phone support, and have a powerful sales force.

To apply for the program, visit this page.

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