Google Carves Out A Pumpkin Doodle For Halloween

Seems the guys at Google are partial to the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special. The company’s latest Doodle is a timelapse video of eight hours of pumpkin carving on six 1,000+ pound pumpkins that took place at their Mountain View headquarters.

As someone who has visited many of the Google facilities, I think the spirit of Halloween seems to be an ongoing holiday at the company. Candy and treats are always close by and the Charlie Brown special may be on the minds of those who influence the algorithm.

In the special, all the children go out ‘trick or treating’, gathering candy and other goodies, except for Charlie Brown who gets a rock at every house he stops at.

There are many people who must feel they are getting the rocks, despite the sincere efforts they put in to their SEO efforts.

The way the Official Google blog describes the holiday could also be looked at the way website owners develop their sites. The “pumpkin — an otherwise plain-looking squash — is a grinning ghoul, with the help of only a candle, a knife and some elbow grease” it becomes something special. We build our sites – maybe not with a candle and a knife – in a similar manner. “Elbow grease” and creativity are required.

The efforts Google went to to create this doodle are impressive – much like the work we put in to our websites. Is Panda Google’s version of the Great Pumpkin or is the Great Pumpkin the algorithm itself?

As Wikipedia explains: “According to Linus, on Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch he deems most “sincere.”

Could the algorithm rank sites based on those it “deems most sincere”?

Either way enjoy the day and I hope you get the candy you like.

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