Google One of Top 5 Global Brands, Most Attractive Employer

The Best Global Brands 2011 report is out, with search giant Google sitting comfortably in the top five for the second year in a row. The top brands remain unchanged from 2010, with Coca-Cola, at a brand value of more than $71 billion, taking the top spot for the 12th consecutive year. IBM, Microsoft, Google, and GE round out the top five.

Google’s Valuable Brand


Google first joined Interbrand’s annual list of the top 100 global brands in 2005 and has climbed steadily to the fourth position, with a brand value of $55 billion. This year, tech companies dominated the top of the Best Global Brands report Top 10, with IBM, Microsoft, Google, GE, Intel, Apple and Hewlett-Packard all making the cut.

Other notable tech companies on the list: Amazon placed 26th, with a 32% jump in brand value this year. Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer HTC made the list for the first time, at #98. Nokia fell from 8th to 14th place. Sony, eBay, and Dell also made the Top 50.

Interbrand, one of the world’s largest branding consultancies, was founded in 1974 and launched their Best Global Brands report in 2001. Using a formula to measure and calculate financial performance, the role of the brand, and brand strength, they assign each company a brand value; this determines their placement in the report. Google’s brand value this year rose 27 percent over 2010.

Ten different considerations factor into the brand strength calculation: four internal and six external. In assigning a brand strength value, Interbrand examines authenticity, clarity, commitment, consistency, differentiation, protection, presence, relevance, responsiveness, and understanding.

Google: Most Attractive Employer in the World

Universum has also released their global talent attraction index and found that, in evaluating the preferences of 160,000 career seekers in the world’s 12 largest economies, Google comes out on top. Study participants are students with either business or engineering backgrounds. Google placed first in both categories.

Other tech companies to rank high in the Global Top 50 Business index: Microsoft (6th), Apple (9th), Sony (11th), and IBM (16th). Google has led this category for three years in a row.

“The talent market for business career seekers is being dominated by the professional services firms, known for being great places to launch a career, and by companies that offer a new working culture in a dynamic environment. For the last 3 years we have been seeing Google leading the pack and it will take a strong player with a clear talent strategy to steal this number one spot,” said Lovisa Öhnell, head of Research and Consulting at Universum.

In Engineering, Google stayed on top, while IBM bumped Microsoft out of second place. Also in the top 10: Intel, Sony, and Apple in fifth, sixth, and seventh, respectively.

“The software industry is highly dependent on its human capital, hence the efforts to attract and retain the brightest minds in the world. There’s a new working-culture paradigm today – the relaxed & creative office – and part of it we owe to this industry,” said Carlo Duraturo, Global Account Director at Universum.

The Force is Strong With This One…

As one of the world’s top brands and most attractive employers, Google certainly has an allure for aspiring young techies. One, Matthew Epstein, went so far as to create an entire guerrilla marketing campaign in his quest for employment in Mountain View. Sadly, Google ruled that he was not a Jedi yet.

Those looking to get in with one of the tech giants might find this fun tool, created by ex-Google engineer Gareth Paul Jones, helpful. It’s not an exact science by any means; it says right on the homepage that Tech Company Pay was “mashed up in 3 hours from open sources of information publicly available to anyone on the Internet.” However, it can give users an idea of the average salary at companies like Twitter ($120,111.11) or Google ($104,594.27). Try it out!

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