Twitter Buys Julpan, Former Google Engineer Ori Allon’s Company

Twitter has picked up a year-old startup known as Julpan. This service will help Twitter surface relevant results in the stream. Equally important, though, is the acquisition of the Julpan engineering team, which includes renowned engineer Ori Allon.

Twitter Aims to Navigate the Stream

twitter-newbird-boxed-whiteonblueTwitter’s main objective in its Julpan acquisition seems to be better stream organization. As Twitter now becomes the home to over 2,000 new tweets every second, an improved ranking system makes sense. Julpan’s technology was focused on precisely that sort of social update ranking.

Julpan was established in 2010 by Ori Allon, a former Google engineer who left the company to pursue the Julpan project. His departure and focus on new technology was unsurprising: his work at Google began after Google purchased his “Orion” algorithm in 2006. The technology he provided still serves an important role in Google’s search rankings.

Twitter’s acquisition includes more than just algorithmic technology. It also includes Allon and his team of 11 additional engineers. Allon himself has been given the role of Director of Engineering.

”Twitter gives us a chance to make an even greater contribution toward instantly bringing people closer to what is most meaningful to them,” said Allon on the Julpan website. It was further specified that Julpan’s main offerings, which are currently in an alpha stage, will be discontinued as separate products and integrated directly into Twitter.

The details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Given the nature of Julpan and Allon’s own experience with algorithmic ranking, the acquisition indicates a much stronger focus on implementing a sorting system. While the time-frame for launch isn’t certain, we may soon hear about “tweet optimization.” If successful, these updates to Twitter could influence how information is sorted on all major social sites.

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