Google Maps Gets +Snippets Integration

Google Maps and all the information tied to it are now more easily shareable on Google+ thanks to +Snippets integration. When on Maps, users can now share whatever content is on their screen with just two clicks.

The Maps +Snippets

Whenever users are on a section of Google Maps, they will see a “share” option on the right side of Google’s black navigation bar – assuming they are logged into a Google Plus account. Once the user has clicked on “share,” the +snippet – the cropped version of the page’s content that will be shared with other users – is displayed.

Users can then add their own commentary, chose who to share the item with, and hit “share” one last time to post the +snippet to their Google Plus stream.


Integration with Google Maps adds the option to share numerous types of data, including regional maps, review data, directions, lists of businesses, and more. The feature also supplements the recently added option to +1 custom maps, giving those maps a social push and listing the maps (at the user’s discretion) on the user’s Google Plus profile.

Plus Integration Continues

Google +Snippets sharing has already been enabled on several other Google properties, including Google Offers, Books, and Product Search. Additionally, according to the Google LatLong Blog, +snippets will roll out to many more Google products in the future.

+Snippets are an ideal example of how Google’s cross-service work benefits its products. In addition to encouraging users to invest in Google Plus more regularly, the +Snippets improve the functionality of the +1 button and, thanks to sharing integration such as the new sharing options on Google Maps, increases product and feature visibility for Google’s services.

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