Bing Partners with CW for Integrated Advertising

tv-to-bing-aboutBing has, more than any other search engine, pushed for product visibility in the media; from guest spots on “Hawaii 5-0” to “How I Met Your Mother,” Bing has done everything in its power to become visible to its target audience. They’re continuing that effort with a new advertising campaign on CW.

Bing’s new campaign includes the usual suspects – product placement in the shows and special integrated advertisements that appear on the bottom third of the TV screen during programs – and some innovative extras.

The first extra is a bit of a change to the CW “bug” in the bottom-right corner. Where it previously read “TV to talk about,” the logo will now be attached to the tag-line “TV to Bing about.”

This alternate tag will be part of a limited run in the “TV to Bing about series,” which encompasses the season premiers of popular shows like “Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Top Model,” as well as new shows like “Hart of Dixie,” “Secret Circle,” and “Ringer.” Bing also co-hosted the CW season premiere party.

The big item of note here, though, is that Bing will be running special advertisements custom-tailored to the shows. Those ads will feature interviews with cast and crew members of the show in question. Topics discussed will include the “events slated to take place during the season” (according to Ad Age), fashion information, upcoming characters, and other original information. Users will then be referred back to the CW Bing site for a full-length version of the same content.

Bing has created 50 pieces of original content, 10 of which will air during the premieres of the corresponding shows. The content features big names such as Kevin Williamson (of “Vampire Diaries”) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (of the new show “Ringer”).

The exact nature of the deal (what Bing’s paying, if it’s a no-cost tit-for-tat partnership, what pushes Bing will make on behalf of the CW, etc.) hasn’t been disclosed, but the fit seems right. The two companies share a demographic; Bing has a lot to gain through the extra exposure to a young crowd that still uses Google before all else; and CW may be able to use Bing’s internet clout to win viewers for the new TV shows this season.

Additionally, as a highly customized and integrated form of advertisement, Bing is demonstrating their ability to add value and give insights for the entertainment category.

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