Bing Pwns Google with New Search Results: You’re Evil Whiners


A couple of fun search results appeared on Bing for a brief period on September 9 to fuel the fire between Microsoft’s search engine and their nemesis, Google. Microsoft seems to believe revenge is best served cold; think way back to 1999, when a Google search for the term “more evil than satan” gave top ranking to the Microsoft homepage.


As of Friday, that search query produced an “Easter egg” hardcoded result at the top of the page, above all search results, that said, “more evil than Satan himself = 10^100.” It would be pretty difficult for Microsoft to argue this isn’t a direct shot at Google, given that this number represents a googol, said to have spawned the search giant’s name.


The second jab was the search term “hiybbprqag,” a nonsensical word Google made up earlier this year to “prove” Bing was copying their search results – and later defined by Stephen Colbert as “you got served.” As of Friday, a WoW-inspired translation of Google’s honeypot word appeared when Google’s own Andy Arnt searched for hiybbprqag and posted his findings on Google+.

Zing! In some Microsoft office somewhere, exact location unknown, a grown man is undoubtedly stroking his beard deviously and mumbling, “Lok’tar!”

“Bing was having a little Friday Fun with our friends in Mountain View,” a Bing spokesperson told Search Engine Watch. “Those results have since been taken down.”

Reports of Orcs preparing for battle inside the Googleplex, in the deepest regions of the Grombolar, are unconfirmed.

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