Google Passes on GooglePleaseHire.ME Guy’s WTF Marketing

It’s official: the moustachioed, scotch-swilling GooglePleaseHire.ME guy has landed his dream job. But it’s not with Google.

After a month of self-described OMG PR stunts and WTF marketing for a job with the tech giant (or one of the 100 or so other companies that showed interest), Matthew Epstein is now gainfully employed as product marketing manager with SigFig, a San Francisco startup with their first product launch pending. Though he accepted the offer August 25, Epstein strung followers along until September 7, when his final campaign metrics and YouTube video announcement were ready to share.

He attended interviews in Atlanta, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco, with companies including Microsoft, SalesForce, Amazon, and Google. Epstein’s unique brand of confidence and sense of humor carried through the final campaign video, as he surmised that Google was either jealous of his “silky nose caterpillar,” or may have been less than impressed that he failed to wear pants to his job interview.

SigFig CEO & co-founder Michael Sha told Search Engine Watch they had interviewed other candidates, but were impressed with his energy and creativity.

“Matt actually had prepared ahead of time and came prepared with a lot of creative ideas for how he would approach marketing, and what he thought was important in our product and our brand. And these weren’t ideas that he came up with on the cab ride over – he had actually prepared a presentation that he sent me a few days in advance,” Sha said.

Do they feel that they were a second choice when Google rejected his application?

“It’s ironic that his original campaign was to work at Google, because Google is such a huge brand and company that it’d be hard for a company that large to really take advantage of his bold creative approach,” Sha said. “Matt’s DNA is perfect for a startup and I’m sure he will have a much bigger impact at SigFig than he ever could have had at Google.”

Regardless of what you think of his tactics, Epstein’s job-seeking campaign can only be considered a success; Epstein had 80 interview offers, 400,000 unique visits to his campaign website, almost half a million YouTube views, and more than 17,000 Facebook Likes. The rest of his campaign metrics are available in the rolling “Landing a Job at Google” blog post he used to keep followers in the loop.

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