Google Narrows AdMob to Mobile Apps

admob-logoIn the face of Google AdSense for Mobile and AdMob feature cross-over, Google has decided to make a clear break between the products. Google has announced that AdMob’s mobile web publisher features will be discontinued on September 30.

Google’s $750 million purchase of AdMob was a solid move; it expanded Google’s reach into mobile advertising and gave an especially powerful option for mobile app developers. However, even then the AdSense for Mobile platform covered much of the same territory and offered many of the same features.

Logically, there were two routes to go: make the two products clearly separate or combine them into a single product. While Google has “been working hard to combine the best of both products and make life simple and seamless for our customers,” the company has decided to make a more clear split between AdMob and AdSense.

That distinction can be put simply: “If you’re an app developer, AdMob is your solution for monetizing, measuring, and promoting your mobile apps. If you’re a mobile web publisher, AdSense can help you monetize your mobile web content,” wrote Bavor.

But it’s not just Google encouraging people to use their products in specific ways. Rather, Google is shutting down its web publisher features for AdMob on September 30. This mirrors the migration of AdSense for Mobile Applications to AdMob that occurred earlier this year.

As Google puts it, the advantage is that “by having products to suit the specific needs of app developers and web publishers we’ll be able to offer the best technology and reporting, the easiest to use tools, the highest quality ads, and the most revenue possible.”

Further integration of features, including from additional advertising services such as DoubleClick, will continue after the split – but with more precisely tuned additions.

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