Google Makes All AdWords Phone Numbers Clickable for Mobile

When AdWords advertisers place a phone number in their ad copy, the phone number will be clickable by default, Google has announced. Advertisers will be charged the same rate as their standard PPC when users call through the advertisement.

The Added Features

google-adwords-clickable-numbers-mobileGoogle has been offering a click-to-call feature for AdWords since January 2010. 

Previously, AdWords users who placed a phone number in their ad copy could only get a call if the searcher entered the number manually. Now, the phone numbers inside the creative are clickable by default.

Additionally, advertisers can view details on the performance of the clickable number by looking at the “click type” campaign segment of their campaign reporting.

In some ways, the added features are redundant. Advertisers can already set up a location and click-to-call extension in AdWords, getting a third line of text in their ad copy that gives a clickable phone number.

As with the new clickable numbers in the standard creative, the click-to-call extensions charge the same as the standard PPC price when users click on the number.

The click-to-call extension also offers a few extra features, with the most notable being that your number appears on its own line of text. The click-to-call extension also allows call-only creatives, in-depth metrics reporting, and vanity numbers.

3 Benefits of Note

So where’s the benefit for adverisers in the clickable numbers in the standard creative?

  • Advertisers can add their phone number without having to set up the extension, saving time and removing the learning curve. 
  • Advertisers will be able to experiment with different ad creatives, examining exactly how the use of a phone number in their ad impacts the success of their campaign, website, and business. 
  • Advertisers will be able to gain greater control over where their number appears in the creative, allowing experimentation with specific placement to maximize calls.

To take advantage of the clickable numbers, you need only insert your phone number in a standard format inside your ad copy.

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