Google+ Adds Real-Name Verification

As a way to ensure that no celebrities or public figures are being impersonated on Google+, Google has added a verification button akin to that found on Twitter. For now, verification is not available to standard users.

The Plus Verification Button

It was rumored that this feature would be added after a few noted celebrities set up accounts, only to be banned because it was assumed they were imposters. While those accounts were reinstated, it was clear that some precautionary measures were needed to prevent fake profiles without preventing famous people from joining the service.

On Facebook, public figures and celebrities are encouraged to use “pages” instead of profiles, and impersonators are banned. On Twitter, meanwhile, public figures can get a “verified” checkmark next to their profile name. Plus is definitely following the Twitter path.

In fact, the compare and contrast between the two verification types shows only minute differences: the checkmarks are different colors and Google uses the word “name” instead of “account.”

Google Plus Verified Name William Shatner

As mentioned in the video above, standard users won’t be able to verify their names just yet, but Google is planning on extending the feature to the non-famous in the future. Currently, only those who are celebrities, public figures, or “who have been added to a large number of Circles” will have the verify option.

This continues Google’s commitment to having only real identities displayed. That’s caused no small degree of stir among those who have been banned from the service.

However, in an attempt to remedy that discontent, Google+ recently announced a “grace period” for those found not using their common names. As specified by Saurabh Sharma, Plus users who are found to be in violation will now be given four days to correct their name before they’re booted from the service.

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