Conductor Adds Google +1 Tracking to SEO Platform

Conductor Adds Google Plus Stats Tracking

Conductor, an SEO technology and intelligence company, has added Google +1 social analytics tracking to its suite. The inclusion of Google +1 tracking reflects a high demand from webmasters for Google’s new social platform and its related tools.

Conductor’s Social Analytics

The newly updated version of Conductor’s social tracking (Conductor Searchlight) includes Facebook likes, shares, and clicks; Twitter mentions; LinkedIn shares; and Google +1s. Users can also take advantage of the platform to examine the social success of competitors.

“Social media marketing has become one of the most talked about facets of natural search marketing, with several industry studies citing correlation between social indicators and top rankings,” stated Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. The inclusion of +1 is valuable in understanding both the potential organic search ranking impact of +1s and a booming interest in the new platform.

It’s expected that Google +1 will be integrated into other social tracking platforms, while both Conductor and other similar companies are continuing to delve deeper into tracking both social feedback and its correlation to organic ranking.

The Growing Demand for Google +1

Search Engine Watch talked with Rob Rozicki, Director of Product Marketing at Conductor, to see what insights the company’s early-stage tracking could lend to the current state of Google Plus and the +1 button. According to Rozicki, social is getting considerably more attention now than it did a year or two ago.

“In every one of our discussions with customers, social is a topic,” he said. “Most CMOs and most search engine marketers bring it up as an area of interest.”

Webmasters are among the first to really buy into Google +1; the button itself gained major popularity right out of the gate. According to HubSpot, there’s good reason for webmasters to follow this trend: sites with the +1 button received more than three times as much exposure on the Google Plus network.

It’s a bet on a brand new horse when it comes to Google’s social baby. However, since Google Plus has already set the world’s record for being the fastest growing website, it’s not a bad bet.

“It’s definitely the early days” for Google +1, Rozicki said. “We’re not seeing the volumes of +1s that we are in Facebook Likes or Twitter shares.” However, “there’s enough buzz and Google has enough clout that we’re confident that […] we’re going to see many more Google +1 likes in the future.”

The likely barrier, according to Rozicki, boils down to the age of the button.

“People aren’t understanding +1 just yet,” he said. However, as people begin to trust the button and see what they can get out of it, the value for users is likely to pick up. Webmasters are currently trying to prepare for what many view as an inevitable boom in the popularity of the Google +1 button and the young social network it’s attached to.

Google +1 and social activity is also trackable with new reports in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

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