Yahoo Launches Enhanced Image Search

Yahoo has announced a new image search that matches recent enhancement to Google and Bing. Yahoo’s new image presentation also allows for easy searching of galleries, a connection to your friends’ Facebook images, and easy navigation of full-sized images.

The Improvements to Image Search

Several of the key features added by Yahoo were long expected; Google and Bing have been trading punches over image search, each integrating the features the other released just weeks after the competitor’s initial launch. Primarily, Yahoo is catching up by allowing for a large thumbnail gallery that spans multiple pages and increasing the image size when the user hovers over the thumbnail. 

That’s not all Yahoo has done, though. See if you can find the big difference in the image below:



If you said “the tabs at the top,” you’re right! Pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a cookie. The tabs at the top allow you to check out your standard image search, look through galleries, or do a Facebook image search. An additional tab, “Latest,” will appear for trending topics.

The galleries are pulled from Yahoo’s image-oriented properties (Yahoo News, Flickr, and OMG) while both the standard and “latest” search is pulled from the web. But how, exactly, is Yahoo searching Facebook? Well, for those who have connected their Facebook account to Yahoo, this tab will pull up images from your friends that are named, tagged, or placed in an album that’s relevant to your search term. 

But wait! There’s more.

Yahoo has also added a new design element that appears after you click on the thumbnail. Yahoo now loads the full-sized image in a large gallery. The site that originally provided the image is displayed below, while the top bar gives a close-up of the image and the right navigation lets users browse back and forth between options from Yahoo’s original image search results.


Yahoo is finally stepping up their game in images, and they’re doing so in just the way they needed to. Their “latest” images are especially oriented to the company’s focus on major world events, while the advanced image browsing options are likely to pull in a variety of image lovers.

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