Google+, Google Maps, YouTube Apps Get Update, Search App Leaks Early

Google has released new iterations of several major apps, including Google+, Google Maps, and YouTube. The Google Search app is also getting a new version in the near future.

Google+ App


While the new version was released for both iOS and Android, much of the focus was on adding support for different iOS devices. The new version of the iOS Google+ app adds support for the iPod Touch and iPad, although no new interface has been introduced for the iPad. Additionally, the app will no longer crash on loading the stream in iOS 5.0 (the version of Apple’s mobile OS that’s currently in beta testing).

The new version brings in additional controls on both Android and iOS. Most notably, users can choose to decline Huddles without blocking the sender, and mute or hide specific Huddles. Stability and speed have also, as usual, been improved.

Google Maps App


The new version of Google Maps is also the search giant’s way of getting Google Places onto the phones of users. The new features are largely oriented toward the local business front. The version released on July 27 includes the option to personalize Place pages (including through uploading images), manage your starred Places and recent history through a new “My Places” tab, and add new Places.

YouTube App


Android users can now manually download the new YouTube app by searching for “YouTube” in the Android Market. The new version includes:

  • A new interface for uploading videos that lets you smoothly load longer videos.
  • The option to create, edit, and delete playlists; control your subscriptions; and modify the video details of content you’ve uploaded, all from your Android device.
  • The ability to comment on videos from within the app.
  • New browsing categories.
  • A new home page.
  • Improved stability and speed.

The Upcoming Google Search App

Google posted the announcement of this new app on the Google Mobile Blog, but quickly pulled it down. However, we managed to capture the details. Here’s what you should expect.


Beyond the new UI, a new organization scheme has been added for suggestions. The app will now group suggestions by type and bring in country-specific suggestions. Users will also have more control over their history, since they can long-press any history suggestion to remove it. The app will also be faster and more stable.

It’s clear Google is committed to their app front when it comes to their major properties – especially search, local, media, and social options.

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