Searchable Bing Mall Maps Go Mobile

Bing has expanded their mobile search experience with the addition of mall maps and map search. Initially launched last December, Bing Mall Maps allows you to see the mall directory, including stores, kiosks, ATMs, and even restrooms.


Bing expanded the mall offerings last March to include 148 malls, including nine of the largest in the United States. Those offerings are now part of the map searching features on your mobile device.

Many little features are built into the new Mobile Mall Map feature. To find a map, simply search for the mall name, then click the link to the mall map on the results page. You can swipe to pan through the map, split the screen between a list of the stores and mini-map, or a full-screen map.

As you go, store and business locations highlight to let you know which part of the map the business is located. You can click a store location or name to view information about that store. An icon located in across the top-center of the screen will allow you to view different floors of multi-level malls.

To take advantage of the new features, your phone must have a mobile browser that supports HTML5. Most Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices are already enabled.

If you haven’t used Bing mobile on your phone or other device, you’re missing a unique interface. Earlier this year Microsoft modified the Bing experience on mobile devices. Incorporating a unique, touch-oriented mobile interface with deals, information on services “nearby,” and data from social sites specializing in local search, the experience is quite unique.

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