When is Labor Day 2011? Now Google Tells You

Google is known for giving you answers directly within the search results, be it weather, stock quotes, current times around the world, currency conversion, or sports scores for the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. Now you can add the dates of upcoming holidays to Google’s growing list of direct answers.

In a post on the Inside Search blog, Google announced that when you’re trying to find out the date of an upcoming, or even past holiday or celebration, Google will give you the answer above the regular search results, such as earlier this year when Google added the date and time of the Royal Wedding. This includes “certain future and past national and religious holidays, internationally recognized days such as World AIDS Day, and designated days to celebrate fun things like popcorn and cookies in the U.S.”

Wonder if this will be a blow to many of the websites who now rank on Page 1 for “when is [insert holiday or event] [insert year].” Publications such as the Huffington Post have even begun to publish “when is” pages to pull in some easy guaranteed traffic lately, offering little in the way of quality content but providing quick answers for people who just want or need to know the date or time of an event.

As noted in our posts on search traffic around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year, “When is…” questions topped holiday related searches. It’s not surprising Google would add this.

Google isn’t the only one to provide this search feature. Bing also serves up the date of Labor Day 2011 in the search results, but goes one step further, counting down the days remaining until Labor Day (in 40 days, as of this writing), and searching Yahoo for the date of certain holidays will also give you an answer in the search results, so it’s not the most innovative or original addition to a search results page we’ll see from Google this year.

Oh, and when is Labor Day? Says Google: Labor Day is on Monday, September 5, 2011.


But more importantly: International Talk Like a Pirate Day is on Monday, September, 19, 2011. Yarrr!

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