No Food Or Pillows, But You Can Get Google Chromebooks On Flights

google-wingsVirgin America and Google have teamed up to give people flying between San Francisco and Boston, Chicago or Dallas-Fort Worth the chance to use a Chromebook during their flights, the Virgin America website announced.

“The next time you take off with us, spend your flight in the cloud. From July 1 to September 30, you can try out a new Chromebook on select flights from San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston, and Chicago, exclusively on Virgin America,” the site stated.

The two companies are also joining forces to create Chrome Zones outside the gates of these privileged flights.

Google has worked with Virgin America before, giving free WiFi access on their flights during the year-end holiday season. This time the two are also holding a Chromebook giveaway – using Virgin America’s Facebook page to increase their likes and run the competition.

The Virgin America site includes an informative page on Chromebooks that looks a lot like a promotion for the Google product. Guess they are returning the favor of the extra business they must have gotten during the holiday season due to the free WiFi – if flight prices were close, perhaps the free WiFi gave them the edge.

Hey, I have a flight from San Francisco coming up. I may just see if I can leg it through one of the cities just to play with the Chromebook.

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