SearchDay: Contactless Edition – May 26, 2011


What’s in your wallet? Probably nothing in the near future if Near Field Communications take off. Google Wallet launched today and ClickZ noticed that a search on Google for ‘NFC’ brought up a Mastercard PPC ad promoting the new partnership and organic results displayed a wikipedia entry for Near Field communications rather than the National Football Conference. At first SEW wondered if there was some extraordinary coincidence at play, as we assumed that football would be a more popular topic than tech. However, Bing displayed similar results and also it’s not the season for football which might explain the different priority. Either way, it does furthere illustrate that user data, or at least clickthrough data is responsible for the ordering of results. This fringe tech topic is likely more popular on the internet, and thus gets more click throughs and with spikes in searches for NFC today, there are more obvious reasons to put results in this order. So, all in all nothing suspicious going on.

Anyway, here’s a round up of the stories from around the web.









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