SearchDay: Melba Toast Edition – May 19, 2011

searchdayFacebook recognizes their own users on any website. Yandex aiming to IPO. LinkedIn did IPO. Google Comparison Ads get an official destination page. Local market set to grow every year. SEO industry wonders what “high-quality” really means.


Here’s a roundup of today’s search news and headlines from around the web.


Google Panda Update Recovery – Search Engine Watch
Webmasters report tips that have helped them to see improvements since Panda.

Google Rejects Skyhook’s Allegations Over Phone-Location Service – Bloomberg
Skyhook accuse Google of co-ercing Motorola and Samsung into using their location service by threatening to cut off access to third-party android apps. Google deny allegations as “incomplete and misleading” and argue that previous deals between Google and Skyhook failed because of the latter’s refusal to comply with compatibility standards.

Google warns against facial recognition database – The Telegraph
Facial recognition is too creepy even for Eric Schmidt, the man who once joked, “We [Google] know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”

Google Is Serious: You Can Kill Chrome’s URL Bar – ConceivablyTech
Ways to gain 30px extra screen estate on your browser spotted in the wild. Mobile is the main target of this update.

Introducing our official search blog – Google Search Blog
Google launch blog dealing specifically with search features and quality. It is not necessarily aimed at SEOs or webmasters, but instead a place for small product updates on their search product.

Making financial comparisons easy with Google Advisor – Official Google Blog
Remember those mortgage comparison ads in AdWords? All those products have been rolled into a single destination site called Google Advisor. How will this affect other financial product comparison sites?

Baidu, China sued in U.S. for Internet censorship – Reuters
Eight New Yorkers sue Baidu for censoring searches in the U.S, claiming the company is acting as an agent of a foreign state to suppress free speech, which violates the First Amendment.

Online ad growth sparks rush for Yandex IPO – Reuters
Yandex aims to raise $1.3 billion from a NASDAQ IPO, which would make it the biggest IPO by an internet company since Google.

Privacy Bills: Which One Would Ad Industry Choose? – ClickZ
The ad industry does not really want to choose, but if they had to…

April 2011: Top U.S. Web Brands – Nielsen Wire
No real surprises here, except that YouTube gained 3%, perhaps because of the Royal Wedding?


The SEO Files: The Truth is Out There – Search Engine Watch
Questions to ask yourself about what constitutes “high-quality” when link-building.

Stopped Buying Links? Here are 3 Better Ways to Use That Budget – Search Engine Watch
Got loads of link budget left over, but wary of flashing the cash? Some ideas of what to do if you have had it too easy.

The shame of linkus interruptus: 9 things to check before you click publish – Conversation Marketing
A nice blog post checklist to run through before you hit the publish button.

30 Link Building/Link Baiting Techniques That Work in 2011 – SEOptimise
Run out of ideas after Panda? Here’s 30 link building tactics that hit the right quality metrics.

Google Quality Scores for Publishers: The Carrot and the Stick? – SEO by the Sea
Interesting discussion about what it means to be a “high-quality” publisher and whether AdSense should change it’s rates based on such metrics.

Outlook for Managing Global SEO Programs: Cloudy! – Covario Actionable Insights
Covario test whether international rankings appear to be consistent no matter what country you check them from. Nope, no one is seeing the same picture, with 8-28% variance across all the engines.

Troubleshooting Instant Previews in Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tools
Advice on how to minimize errors to make sure your site looks nice in Instant Previews.

Silverlight No Longer Required for Bing Webmaster Tools – Search Engine Roundtable
HTML 5 replaces Silverlight for Bing Webmaster Tools.


Conduit Deal Boosting Paid Clicks Near 10% – Rimm-Kaufman Group
Proof that Microsoft picking off Google partners is key to Bing growth.

Comparison Ads now a part of the new Google Advisor – Inside AdWords
More about comparison ads and the new Google Advisor product.


A Step Closer to Social Media ROI with Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels – Search Engine Watch
A guide to how Google Analytics feature that is currently in beta could be used to get a better grip on social media efforts.


Hitwise Tracks Presidential Candidates’ Social Media Campaigns – Search Engine Watch
Highlights from yesterday’s Hitwise analysis on presidential race as reflected on the web.

‘Like’ Button Follows Web Users – Wall Street Journal
MUST READ: Like button tracks logged in users across the web. Facebook recognizes it’s own users on any website.

LinkedIn: Biggest Internet IPO Since Google – Wall Street Journal
LinkedIn raise $352.8 million from its IPO, which also makes it 5th biggest IPO ever for an internet company.


Local Search Ad Revenues Looking Up – Marketing Pilgrim
Local search revenue expected to grow to just short of a $1 billion every year for the next 4 years.

Better access to your content is, well, better – Google Places Blog
Local review buffs can now track all their reviews on Google Places and import reviews and check-ins from elsewhere.


Lawmakers Aim Mobile Privacy Push at Apple, Google – Bloomberg
Your phone is not a phone. It’s a miniature computer.

Google Love Story: Man Builds Android App To Propose To Girlfriend – Fast Company
Now, there’s an app for that.

Launch a mobile business with The Guide to the App Galaxy – The Official Google Blog
Google release guide to building a mobile app business and crowdsource stories from successful developers, like “of Angry Birds fame”, Rovio.

Ask, by any name, is still a search engine – CNET News releases app to focus on Q&A and fails to impress reviewer. Quel surprise.


comScore Releases April 2011 U.S. Online Video Rankings – comScore
Not much change except VEVO viewership reaches record levels.

April 2011: Top Online Video Brands in U.S. – Nielsen Wire
AOL media network jumps Hulu.


Nellie Melba Gets Google’s Stamp of Approval With 150th Birthday Logo – Search Engine Watch
Australia get their own Google Doodle honoring 150th birthday of Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba.


Healthline & GE Launch 3D Human Body Visual Search Engine – Search Engine Watch
One of many new ways to navigate health information.

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