Search Week in Review for May 7, 2011

Here’s a recap of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of May 1 to 7, as reported by Search Engine Watch.

Search Engine Optimization

The Role of On-Page SEO Content: Relevance, Not Rankings by Eric Enge
From an SEO perspective, on-page content is solely about helping establish what search queries your page might be relevant to. Visualizing how the major SEO components fit together.

User-Generated URLs: SEO CMS Lessons Learned from Kate Middleton’s Jelly Bean by Simon Heseltine
Avoid a PR nightmare by protecting your website before someone maliciously decides to put a campaign together that generates links to an incorrect form of your website’s URL.

SEW Q&A: Can You Name 5 Useful SEO Addons for Firefox 4? by Brent Rangen
Matteo Mucci asked SEW via Twitter, “what are the best 5 SEO Addons for Firefox 4?”

PBS Transcribes Thousands Of Hours Of Video To Improve Search Rankings by Frank Watson
Despite the changes Google has made over the years to reading various forms of information, video and audio still do not get as much play as text-based information in the search results. So to improve their search rankings, PBS has transcribed thousands of hours of their video content.

BrightEdge Sharpen Competitive SEO Tactics with comScore Data by Jonathan Allen
BrightEdge, an SEO software platform which prides itself on having an open technology platform has teamed up with comScore to bring panel-based competitive data to it’s SEO tool set.

Google Panda Update

Google: Ask Yourself These 23 Questions if Panda Impacted Your Website by Danny Goodwin
Google’s Amit Singhal has posted what he calls “guidance” to webmasters in the form of 24 questions you should ask yourself as you go about recovering and determining “quality.”

Panda Aftermath: eHow Loses 42% of Google Search Visibility [Report] by Danny Goodwin
A day before Demand Media is scheduled to report its earnings, a new report from Conductor sheds more light on eHow’s shrinking search visibility in the wake of Google’s Panda update.

Search Advertising

Understanding AdWords Average Position: Optimize Your PPC Performance by Jason Tabeling
A key piece to your bottom line performance is understanding how average position works and impacts your campaigns. Test and optimize this data in context of your total search campaign to see your total results improve.

Actionable Media Attribution and Analytics for Search Marketers by Roger Barnette
A real world example of why attribution modeling and analytics is vital to the success of a marketing campaign.

New AdWords Rule Changes on Sites Collecting Personal, Financial Info by Danny Goodwin
If AdWords runs on websites that request payment, financial, or personal information, advertisers must comply with three new rule changes starting May 17.

adCenter Finally Changing Spend Budgeting, Possibly More by Frank Watson
Many adCenter users have long disliked the need to set both monthly and daily spends for their PPC spends, and now it seems Microsoft has listened and are changing that.

Analytics & ROI

Google Analytics Adds Site Speed Report by Thom Craver
We learned last year that site speed is a ranking factor. Back in March, Google released page speed in Google Developer Tools. Now, Google has released a Site Speed report in Google Analytics.

Social Media Marketing

5 Tips on Building Brand Loyalty via Twitter by Kevin Gibbons
Twitter has immense value, even if it’s hard to measure. It’s superb for building brand loyalty, as long as you approach it in the right spirit.

Is Delicious the Next Discovery Engine? by Paul Burani
While we’ve gotten pretty good at going out and searching for answers to our questions, who is out there bringing answers to us? In today’s abyss of information, there’s a clear opportunity for someone to step in and do just … – May 5, 2011

How Your Brand Can Get Social with Daily Deals by Kaila Strong
As a brand it’s important to examine exactly if your business can take advantage of daily deals and look to the future of the ‘social daily deals’ industry with the Facebooks, Groupons and Living Socials of the interwebs.

Facebook Serves 31% Of All Display Ads In Q1 2011 by Frank Watson
Facebook now dominates display advertising, serving 31.2% of all ads delivered in the first quarter of 2011.

Bin Laden’s Death Shatters Super Bowl Record on Twitter by Danny Goodwin
Twitter has reported a new record for the highest sustained rate of tweets between 10:45 p.m. Sunday and 2:20 a.m. Monday.

Link Building

How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic by Kristi Hines
Blog commenting can help you build relationships and authority in your industry. This will ultimately lead to organic links and new traffic.

Mobile Search

6 Keys to Mobile Search Marketing Success by Eli Goodman
Your paid mobile strategy requires separate targeting. Avoid costly mistakes by not lumping desktop and mobile search together without taking the time to analyze the differences.

Checking Into the Future with Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley by Michael Boland
The remaining challenge for Foursquare is the SMB segment, where advertisers aren’t as easy to reach. The proposition is for SMBs to utilize Foursquare’s dashboard to manage specials and drive foot traffic.

Top Google Spot is Less Valuable on iPads [Study] by Brent Rangen
Search-based online advertising network Chitika has put out an interesting study showing that the top spot in Google receives 20 percent of clicks among iPad users.

BlackBerry Goes Bing; Microsoft and RIM Form Alliance by Thom Craver
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced what Bing called a “new alliance” between the two companies to help their “joint customers” make better decisions.

International Search

Should Google Escape the Death Spiral in China by ‘Losing Face’? by Andy Atkins-Krüger
Weighing which of four paths Google should take when it comes to China: promote within China but remain in Hong Kong; do something completely different; re-enter China; or do nothing.

Google South Korea Offices Raided by Police by Thom Craver
South Korea has targeted Google for allegedly collecting and storing data against local laws. Specifically, Google is targeting the AdMob division, which handles ads on mobile platforms.

Google Losing Money In Australia? They Pay $257k Per Employee by Frank Watson
Google reported it lost money in Australia last year despite a 50% increase in their revenues compared to 2009.

The Search Industry

5 Ways Google Could Break into Social by Greg Habermann
We’ve seen some spectacular social failures from Google. Here are five elevator pitches to help Google to get social right.

Geronimo, Osama bin Laden Dead & More Searches Dominating Google, Yahoo, Bing by Danny Goodwin
Less than 48 hours after news of the killing of Osama bin Laden, related searches were still trending on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

WikiLeaks Founder Warns US Govt Can Access Your Facebook, Yahoo, Google Info by Frank Watson
During an informative interview, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, warned people that their Facebook, Yahoo and Google information is very accessible to the US government.

3 LiveShop, Future of Online Shopping Customer Service? by Jonathan Allen
A reader of SEW passed this video onto us. We had never seen it before so thought we would post it here to find out your reactions.

Google News

Breaking News: Google Adds News Headlines to Search Results by Danny Goodwin
People searching for news, breaking news, or mainstream newspapers or cable television news channels on Google are now being served clickable news headlines rather than a site description.

Google Search Volume Around the Globe, Visualized by Brent Rangen
Google has released Search Globe, a Chrome experiment that breaks down a 24-hour period of global searches.

World’s Fair Google Doodle Conceals Treasures of Modern Life by Jonathan Allen
Google honored the 160th Anniversary of the World’s First Fair. The event took place in Hyde Park in 1851 and was called the Great Exhibition.

Video Marketing

May the Fourth Be With You; SEW’s Favorite Star Wars Parodies by Jonathan Allen
ABC News posted a story today, leading with the words, “Help me, Google, you’re my only hope … to figure out why everyone on the web is wishing each other a Happy Star Wars Day.”

Top YouTube Videos of Canada Election 2011 by Greg Jarboe
The General Election in Canada on Monday, May 2, 2001, could turn out to be a real nail biter, but Canadians who tweet or post local results from the national election online before polling stations close in all six time zones face fines.

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