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Matching Criteria Other Than Keyword Searches
Search Engine Watch Forums
“If MSN is indeed planning to lump content in with search and/or start showing search ads based on something other than keywords, there is definitely trouble ahead.”

SEO on Sites that Offer a Service
Cre8asite Forums
“I’m a business owner, and the business website has taken a hit in recent months, in fact, in the past 18 months, I have seen the site slowly move down the search engine results. It’s frustrating. The site in question offers a service, so naturally people won’t link to the website.”

SEO vs. User Optimization
High Rankings Forum
“Construct your copy first and foremost for Users. They’re the ones who are paying the bills after all. And you have only one chance to make a favorable impression on them.”

MSFT to buy YHOO for $50 Billion?
Webmaster World
“Could a combination of the two companies create something that is greater than two, or will it simply be joining the two and nothing greater than the union come out of it?”

An Overview of AdWords to Date
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I’ve been using AdWords since Feb. 2002. So today I decided to do a quick “all time” review and put my thoughts together with regards to what’s given me the best ROI over the years.”

Yahoo Introduces “Robots-Nocontent” Tag
Webmaster World
“Given the number of people that misunderstand robots.txt syntax, adding more commands embedded within the page is starting to look for trouble.”

What is a Reasonable ROI for Travel?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“If I spend 3.50 whatever on AdWords, I need 100.00 worth in sales coming from this. Can anyone comment if this is a typical number for AdWords in general or for the travel industry in particular?”

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