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Google Gadgets Now For Your Website
Webmaster World
“The top of the widget is branded to the developer, the bottom is branded to Google. There are more than 1200 of them so far, and I expect that number to go through the roof as developers attempt to use Google for distribution.”

Google Code Search
Cre8asite Forums
“How do you rank for code-search? Since your code is usually only linked from very few places within your own site (and hardly ever from the outside directly) I expect the influence of your own sites general value (“PR” if you will) is a strong factor. Within the code it’s hard to determine important sections (no headers, no bold, etc.) but perhaps they take the frequency? How do they determine if a piece of code is relevant for your search term or not?”

Is SEO a Game of Outsmarting Search Engines?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“An age old debate about what SEO [search engine optimization” really is. Members discuss whether SEM [search engine marketing” is a factor of learning to outsmart the search engines or outwitting your competition.”

Google Base, Is Anyone Using It?
High Rankings Forum
“It’s taken me most of a day to get my head around this, and I have just realised how the ads will appear. I’m wanting to use this for a client, but cannot find any data on the effectiveness, and I’m not sure they will want to do something (or pay for my time to) if they cannot see a basic idea of effectiveness.”

Relevant Domain Names
Small Business Ideas Forum
“I think you can create brandable domain names that make use of a keyword or two, but if the choice was between using a keyword rich domain and a brandable domain I would always opt for the brandable one.”

SEO : The Game and the Claims!
V7N Forum
“Some people just don’t want to see that online marketing isn’t about magic formulas and that they might actually have to build a good site and then spend the time to promote it in a way that ties in with what their business is about.”

Role of Statistics(/Foreign Languages) in SEO/SEM?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“A new member is interested in the data mining and statistical aspects of SEM, as well as the impact of multiple languages as a factor of user behaviors and search engine algorithms.”

Does Google Reward Backlinks Buyers & Sellers?
Webmaster World
“Am I the only one who have noticed Google rewarding sellers and buyers of backlinks?”

Yahoo Teams Up With HP on Search Engine
Webmaster World
“Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it has struck a deal with Hewlett-Packard Co. to plant its Internet search engine on millions of computers, the latest volley in a high-stakes battle with Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. The alliance unites two companies trying to catch up to the longtime leaders in their respective fields.”

Business Week Article On Click Fraud
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Members comment on the recent Click Fraud article that made the front page of Business Week.”

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