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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark
Are PPC Ads Now Counting in Google Organic Backlinks?
In the past, I’ve said there’s no direct correlation between editorial rankings and paid advertisements. Well, it seems I was wrong. Paid search really can affect organic search.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie
Dear Google Analytics…
I’m writing an open letter to the Google Analytics folks on behalf of my small business friends around the Web. We’re getting a little frustrated with the product, and the so-called “help” within the platform.
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SEW Expert - Liana Evans Liana
What Are Your Social Media Goals?
Most companies are reluctant to enter the social media space because the ROI is a tough nut to crack. Your social media goals will be strikingly different than an SEO or PPC strategy.
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Initial comScore Data Confirms Bing’s First Week Success
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 10, 2009

Last week, StatCounter was the first to release data showing Bing doing well in its first week. Now, comScore data seems to corroborate that sentiment, albeit not the extreme success in StatCounter’s numbers. comScore compared data from Microsoft’s search sites the week before Bing’s launch to the first 5 days it …
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Top Stories from SES Toronto: Day 1
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jun 10, 2009

It wasn’t hard to find the top stories from the first day of SES Toronto. All you had to do was conduct a search in YouTube, Google News, and Google Blog Search. On YouTube, you could find a video interview by Byron Gordon of SEO-PR with the keynote speaker entitled, …
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Google Analytics to Include Bing in Default Search Engine List
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 10, 2009

Google Analytics is tracking Bing, but it plans further integration of the new search engine soon. While you can currently see Bing as a source of traffic referrals, an upcoming update will include Bing in the default list of search engines. If you want to have the update sooner, you …
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Facebook, Games Rank as Top Canadian Search Terms
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 10, 2009

Yesterday, we reported on data from Hitwise on the length of keywords in Canadian searches. Today, Hitwise has released information on what Canadians are searching for. Of the top 100 searches, only 13 are generic (In the US, only 9 out of the top 100 are generic). The rest are navigational. …
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New Version of Safari Browser Incorporates Coverflow to Search Web History
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 10, 2009

Among the many announcements Apple made at the keynote of its World Wide Developer Conference yesterday was a new version of its Safari web browser. The update includes the ability to search your browsing history via Coverflow. Coverflow, if you’re not familiar, is something Apple’s been using for years on iTunes …
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After Selling Off Media Division, MIVA to Rebrands as Vertro
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 10, 2009

In March, MIVA sold off its media division to Adknowledge. Now, they’re rebranding their newly-focused business as Vertro. “We’re excited to announce the planned launch of Vertro. We believe the rebrand is the culmination of a period of significant change for our Company following the sale of MIVA Media in …
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Early Google Adviser, Stanford Professor Drowns
Posted by Frank Watson Jun 10, 2009

Stanford University professor Rajeev Motwani was found drowned in his pool Friday, the Associated Press reported. Friends told the school news service he did not know how to swim. Motwani was an unofficial advisor to Sergey Brin when he was studying at the university and developing Google. Brin wrote about him in …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

facebook cpc Jun 9, 2009
Very basic questions really – but what’s everyone’s impression of advertising cpc on Facebook now it’s been around for a while for people to experiment with? (i’m UK targetting only if that makes a difference?) i’ve been testing for a week so far and have noticed very low ctr on generic ads …
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adwords image ads – (UK) Jun 9, 2009
Hi I’ve been running adword text ads on search & content for some time and thought i’d try image ads again. whats everyones opinions? pro’s cons and general tips very welcome. thanks
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Health Related Dofollow Blogs Jun 9, 2009
I need health related directories and do follow blogs.Please help me.
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Ad Preview Tool Jun 9, 2009
Hey All, i wonder, if yahoo provides us with this kind of a tool. I am stuck, i want to check the listings that i run across the different markets of the world. Is there any website where from i can check this. Yahoo Sucks and it does!
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