SearchDay Week In Review

Speed Up Your Searching with HydraLinks
SearchDay, June 19, 2003

HydraLinks is a simple utility that lets you manipulate and save search results to a customizable list, speeding up your searching and letting you easily share results with others.

Google Expands Contextual Ad Placement Program To Small Sites
SearchDay, June 18, 2003

Google has expanded its contextual ads program to allow many more content sites to carry its paid listings. The new Google AdSense program allows site owners to sign-up for the program in a self-serve manner, similar to becoming an Amazon affiliate.

Who Cares About Information Quality?
SearchDay, June 17, 2003

Who cares about reliable, up-to-date information? For best results, you should ask yourself this very important question before beginning your search.

Warning! Content Management Systems Can Damage Search Engine Positioning
SearchDay, June 16, 2003

Content management systems are great for maintaining large web sites, but many systems produce side effects with serious negative consequences for search engine positioning.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Help! What’s my job title?
ihelpyou Forums
“My last job I was the Director of Interactive Marketing and Web Initiative Technologies. By Acronym = DIMWIT”

Outsourcing links
Cre8asite Forums
“If you are planning on being in business for the long term and plan to be doing business via the Internet for the long term you should ALWAYS be building your inbound links.”

Google AdSense launched today
Webmaster World
“…we’re putting checks in place to make sure that clicks are counted in the right way so that cheating doesn’t take place. In the same way… you’ll be happy to know that we have an editorial team that will review each web publisher application.”

Espotting merges with FindWhat
Webmaster World
“This has really been an eventful year so far when it comes to moves in the SEM-market. I wonder what comes next?”

Domain management
The I-Search Discussion List
“I have two URLs that I want to go to the same website. One is the URL we actively promote. The other is the correct name for our company. However, Google and DMOZ are penalizing me for pointing both URLs at the same site (a mirror). How can I do this so that the search engines are happy?”

What makes a good directory?
Cre8asite Forums
“…the quest is to discover a way that assists users in finding sites which are JUST what they wants – no more and no less. Isn’t it the holy grail of all the search sites?”

Put your robots.txt on a diet
Webmaster World
“I started looking for ways to reduce the size of this file without losing any of its functionality. I found three methods which, used together, can achieve a significant size reduction in robots.txt, making the file faster to load, and easier to maintain and keep organized.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

ICANN under investigation
ZDNet Jun 20 2003 9:55AM GMT
US Senate to examine online copyright dispute
USA Today Jun 20 2003 6:58AM GMT
Overture Elects Frank Biondi to Board of Directors
Opt-in News Jun 20 2003 5:19AM GMT
Yahoo Canada offers Canadian searches Jun 20 2003 2:26AM GMT
Interland, Google Team Up For Promotion
theWHIR Jun 19 2003 7:24PM GMT
Google Goofin’ — Searching for ‘The’
Research Buzz Jun 19 2003 5:48PM GMT
ICANN: What is Whois?
Netimperative Jun 19 2003 4:18PM GMT
Jill’s Search Engine Optimization Mail Bag Bonanza
High Rankings Jun 19 2003 1:25PM GMT
MSN building search engine it hopes will rival Google’s
Boston Globe Jun 19 2003 10:02AM GMT
MSN search bot a glimpse of ambitions
CNET Jun 19 2003 1:41AM GMT
S&P Ups Yahoo
Business Week Jun 18 2003 7:47PM GMT
FindWhat Acquires Espotting
AtNewYork Jun 18 2003 6:44PM GMT
Yahoo Korea Wornout, Lacks Glamor
Hankooki Jun 18 2003 1:53PM GMT
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