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Live from SES Chicago 2004
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Come get the roundups to sessions covered by Moderators and Members live from Search Engine Strategies in Chicago.”

White Hat/black Hat SEO Panel
High Rankings Forum

“It’s not so much that search engines ‘can’t detect spam,’ I think that’s the wrong way of looking at the problem they want to solve. What they want to do is get relevance. Filtering some things, ignoring others, all the engines have had to get more pragmatic about it.”

So Now You Can Search Videos
Cre8asite Forum

“In the battle of the search engines, we’re seeing some major developments being offered. Yahoo Video Search Beta, which I noticed this morning, seems to be one of them. …Is this something that you’ll be working on?”

Google Wins Major Legal Victory vs. Geico
Webmaster World

“I’m still going to try to refrain from any chance of having trademarks appear in ad text, though, whether restricted by Google or not e.g. if i decide to use a trademark as a trigger I will use a static ad.”

Desktop Search – What’s the Point?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…what is all the hubub about desktop search? Sure it’s useful, but why are search engine companies climbing over each other to offer this application? What’s in it for them?”

Capital Letters in Google Description?
Virtual Promote Forums

“Can I capitalize some letters in the description to draw the user’s eye? Specifically I want to stick the word ‘inexpensive’ in there. Does Google get upset about the use of capital letters or descriptive terms…?”

Why Is Frequent Spidering Important?
High Rankings Forum

“If your page is in the index already and you haven’t changed it, it doesn’t matter when then next spider visit is! Or am I missing something? Is there some other value to getting your site crawled that has nothing to do with new content?”

Google Suggest Beta
Best Practices Forums

“Well, we have Adwords, Wordtracker, and others, and now Google Suggest to help find all the good keyphrases to target. I am finding this really helpful. Google should put the number of searches done daily on the average beside the term as well.”

The Dark Side of Exchanging Reciprocal Links
Webmaster World

“Some of the tricks webmasters sometimes use to get around linking back to you.”

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Search Paper Fun: Most Cited
Searchblog Dec 17 2004 5:20AM GMT
Google 35, Geico 3
Traffick Dec 17 2004 4:59AM GMT
A new search engine for OA/OAI archives
Open Access News Dec 17 2004 4:49AM GMT
Yahoo Unveils Animated Shorts, Sees New Ad Space
Reuters (via Yahoo News) Dec 17 2004 4:47AM GMT
Microsoft: We Must Grow Search Share
BetaNews Dec 17 2004 1:31AM GMT
A Few Articles for Your ‘Search’ Reading List
Search Engine Watch Dec 17 2004 12:19AM GMT
Froogle turns to Web for product reviews
CNET Dec 17 2004 12:06AM GMT
Accoona, A New Search Engine
ResearchBuzz Dec 16 2004 9:33PM GMT
Yahoo, HP to launch operations in Chennai Dec 16 2004 8:25PM GMT
Yahoo Adds Traffic Reports to Map Service
NewsFactor Network Dec 16 2004 8:05PM GMT
Paying for the Publishing Revolution
Internet News Dec 16 2004 7:43PM GMT
Desktop Search: It’s Getting Serious
Business Week Dec 16 2004 6:59PM GMT
Google Trademark Issues Remain Unresolved
ClickZ Today Dec 16 2004 5:29PM GMT
Blinkx unveils video search engine
ZDNet Dec 16 2004 4:34PM GMT
‘Kiss’ and ‘Contraception’ most searched for keywords on China’s top online search engine
Interfax Information Agency Dec 16 2004 11:56AM GMT

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