Learning Search Marketing via Multimedia

When you’re learning the ins-and-outs of search marketing, it can be helpful to have an expert walk you through the various tasks you need to be successful. A new multimedia search marketing course does just that.

One of the key advantages of computer-based multimedia is that you can see demonstrations of software tools, web sites and other computer-based screens while simultaneously listening to a narrator describing what you’re seeing and offering tips and techniques along the way.

This type of instruction is difficult to accomplish in a book. And most search marketing conferences tend to feature Power Point presentations rather than hands-on tutorials.

Search marketer Catherine Seda has addressed this gap by releasing her multimedia Search Marketing Mastery course, a combination of audio CDs and interactive multimedia tutorials. I wrote a favorable review of Cat’s book Search Engine Advertising two years ago.

This new tutorial expands and updates the information presented in that book. In each of the five CD ROMs in the package, Cat walks you through the steps of creating and implementing a search marketing campaign. The advantage of the multimedia format is that you see not just the various search ad creation and management tools, but also get to see third party tools that assist you with your search marketing efforts.

CD ROM #1 focuses on keyword research, including how to mine your own traffic reports, how to do competitive research, as well as offering campaign management and budgeting tips. CD ROM #2 tackles ad copy and landing page design—again, offering up a mix of hands-on demonstration laced with pragmatic tips and recommendations from Cat’s own experiences as a search marketing pro.

CD ROMs #3 & 4 offer in-depth tutorials for creating Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords campaigns. The chapters on each disc cover similar topics for both systems, but also feature specific tips for maximizing campaigns and making them as effective as possible with each company.

The final CD ROM focuses on measurement and tracking, primarily looking at the tools offered by Google and Yahoo.

The three audio CDs (billed as “bonus” items for the CD ROM package) are titled ” Pay-Per-Click Payoffs,” “The Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Mistakes,” and “Tracking Your Pay-Per-Click Success,” featuring case studies and other tips.

The package is professionally produced, and in aggregate offers a solid introduction to search engine advertising. The program’s not for everyone, however: Priced at $997, it’s intended for people who are serious about learning search marketing and are willing to make both the money and time commitment to work through the entire program—for example, someone who is just starting to learn search marketing or has worked through most of the books on the subject and is looking for more in-depth guidance.

Want to know more? The companion web site also offers several “mini lessons” and other pricing options for portions of the entire program.

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