Highlights from the SEW Blog: Sept. 5, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • Google Images Labeler: Google’s Challenge To Flickr?
    Google Blogoscoped spotted the Google Image Labeler game, designed to help Google improve its image search results through tagging. It feels like a catch-up game with human-powered efforts that Yahoo is embracing via Flickr –plus it also looks pretty influenced by the work of Luis von Ahn and his ESP Game….
  • Yahoo Tests Enhanced Yahoo Answers Integration In Search Results
    Threadwatch discovered Yahoo testing a new way of displaying Yahoo Answer results within the Yahoo Search results interface. The new interface is larger and more pronounced, but in the same location (under the main organic results) as before. Threadwatch posted a screen capture of this here. I have posted a comparison of the current integration of Yahoo Answers and the test integration of Yahoo Answers at the Search Engine Roundtable….
  • Topix’s Cool Year-Long News Archive
    Somewhat lost among all the search news earlier this month was Topix and its launch of an awesome year-long news archive. It’s a great resource and much more than just a cool “click-o-gram” that you’ll see at the top of news search pages. News search engines typically only let you go back in time for about a month. After that, new stuff flows in and the old stuff moves out. That’s terrible if you want to find news articles about a particular event further back in time….
  • Ask.com Adds Emoticons Or Smiley To Smart Answers
    The Ask.com Blog posted that they have added a new Smart Answer to their suitcase, it is called an emoticon or smiley. You know they look like, 🙂 or 😉 or :D, you get my point. So now if you search on some of the more popular emoticon at Ask.com you will get a Smart Answer….
  • Search Engines Handle No Index Inconsistently
    Matt Cutts has a nice illustrated survey of how various major search engines deal with the meta noindex tag in Handling noindex meta tags. He finds inconsistency, with this being the summary:…
  • Understanding Digg.com
    Valleywag has an excellent Cheatsheet on What is Digg? Basically, if someone asks you what is Digg, just send them there. It describes the basics, how it works, how to break it, Digg’s competitors, the recent publicity on Digg, “How Digg fits the buzzwords,” oh and don’t say “I got digged,” I believe it is “I was dugg.” Full details on Digg at Valleywag….
  • Tips On Getting Listed In Local Search Results
    Patricia Hursh wrote a ClickZ column named Four Steps Every Business Can Take to Improve Local Search Results. The article goes over the what, why and how on Local Search. In short, how does one get included in the local results you see search engines providing? She recommends that you (1) update your business listings at Amacai, infoUSA, and Acxiom, (2) submit your site to local engines such as Google Local, MSN Local, Yahoo Local, Ask Local, and TrueLocal, (3) update your Internet Yellow Page listings at YellowPages.com, Verizon SuperPages, and SwitchBoard.com, and (4) make sure to have your address…
  • Internet Archive Suit Settled
    News.com reported that the suit issued back in July 2005 over the Wayback Machine and the Internet Archive has now been settled. Of course, the terms of the settlement have not been released to the public. In short, there was a page archived by the Wayback Machine that had sensitive information on it, the Wayback Machine technically should not of indexed it but a “temporary bug” had it indexed for a bit. Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive said, “this is really a lawsuit between two parties and we got sort of dragged into it and I’m glad we’re now…
  • Windows Live QnA Beta Now Live
    The Windows Live QnA Blog announced the other day that Windows Live QnA is now a public beta, meaning you can test it out yourself at http://qna.live.com/. Question and Answer search engines are now the new hot social search thing. Yahoo has been pouring money and promotions into Yahoo Answers and Google has their Google Answers product for a while. We covered QnA in the past, the first time was when they had a private beta and the second time is when we saw some screen captures posted. We may have a more detailed review on Windows Live QnA in…
  • Download Books For Free From Google Book Search
    Google is now offering free, downloadable versions of public domain books that you can find in Google Book search. Unfortunately, there’s no way to browse through a directory of books that are available. However, you can keyword search for them easily, sort of….
  • Social Media Optimization: It’s Like SEO, For Social Sites
    One of the coolest things about the rise of social networking and sharing sites like MySpace and YouTube are the new opportunities they offer to marketers, even to search marketers. Into that space seems to have come a new term, SMO — social media optimization….
  • InsiderPages’ ‘Answers’
    InsiderPages, one of the top “social directory” sites, has launched its equivalent of Yahoo!’s Answers: “Insider Advice.” It’s only available to members but allows people to ask open-ended questions of the community. The press release offers an explanation and some examples: Posting a question on Insider Advice is quick and easy. Members simply click on the Insider Advice button, type in a question and hit “submit”. They can add as much detail or background to their question as they like. Insider Pages alerts them to replies to their queries via email and then they can sit back and read the…
  • Yahoo Revamps Real Estate Portal
    The Yahoo Blog announced that they have revamped Yahoo Real Estate. They have also added some more Yahoo Shortcuts that pulls data from Yahoo Real Estate, directly on Yahoo Search. For example, a search on suffern, new york mortgage rates brings back a Shortcut with a chart of rates, with more links to more detailed information. They added some more shortcuts, including a listing short cut, so if you search on chicago real estate you get links to Yahoo Real Estate, if you search on home values you get a instant home valuation tool, if you search on a specific…
  • Google, Favored Sites, and Editorial Opinion
    There’s a lot of blog coverage of a new patent from Google, System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results, which was originally filed with the US Patent Office in December of 2000. I’m seeing a lot of questions related to the patent……
  • Google Sued Over Personalized Search Patent
    Yonhap News reports that Park & Opc Co., a South Korean ISP, is suing Google over a patent dispute. Park & Opc Co. claims they have a patent on personalized search that Google has violated….
  • Google Seeks Offices In Seattle Again
    The Seattle Pi reports that Google is seeking new office space in Seattle. Google is highly expected to sign a lease for Tower 333, a 430,000-square- foot office building that was formerly known as the Bellevue Technology Tower. They are reportedly looking to occupy seventy-five percent of that building. The Seattle Pi takes this office as an advance at encouraging Microsoft employees to jump ship to Google. As an FYI, Google has office space in Seattle, as Gary Price reported back in 2004….

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