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April Fool’s 2005 Search Recap
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The search engines are all in a jovial mood this year, with April Fools’ parodies abounding…”

Discuss the 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Awards for the best in 2004 are out from Search Engine Watch editors and readers. Agree, disagree with the results? Come talk.”

Google Buys Urchin
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does it seem like Google is ramping up to squeeze out SEMs [search engine marketers” and agencies for small to mid-size companies. You can already use the conversion tracking pixel with other campaigns–and now they might offer real web analytics. What next? Will they acquire a SEM or an agency, or revamp Adwords to offer automated bidding?”

Cre8asite Example Of The Year
Cre8asite Forums

“Much is said on the forum, many topics are discussed, a lot of input is requested and given. But in the end, where does it all lead? Isn’t it all mere conjecture? Speculation? Fluff? What does it actually give you? With send2paul you can beautifully see where it leads: solid questions, informed opinions and replies, applied knowledge gathered. Growth.”

Switching Overture Listings On & Off
High Rankings Forum

“Is there any way to automatically switch on Overture ads at a certain hour and then turn them off automatically at a different hour every day”

Protecting Cookies from Deletion
Search Engine Watch

“The large increase in cookie deletion isn’t likely to be caused by users manually deciding to delete their cookies; it’s caused by all the anti-malware software packages users have downloaded. This software is telling users that cookies are bad and telling them to delete them.”

Is Search Marketing Ready For A Standards Organization?
High Rankings Forum

“I think the bigger challenge is figuring out how to market those standards to SEM consumers, who generally know little to nothing about this business. If that isn’t done, there is little value in accreditation.”

What To Do When You’re Kicked Out of Adsense
Webmaster World

“I am one of a handful of people (that I’m aware of) who have had my account knocked out for invalid clicks and been reinstated a couple of months later. So, here’s a little tip guide primer on what to expect and what to do.”

Using Trailing Slash In Linking
High Rankings Forum

“Lately I have been trading some links with fellow sites and have noticed a lot of webmasters are strongly against us using a trailing slash in their reciprocal url… Is there a real difference, SEO or otherwise to using a trailing slash in the url? Will using a trailing slash in the urls I use for my on page anchors make any difference to SEO?”

Google Withheld Tax from My Last Payment
Webmaster World

“According to the tax information submitted in your Google AdSense account on Form W-9, your earnings are subject to tax withholding. As a result, we are required by the IRS to withhold 28% of your Google AdSense income.”

Top 2 AdWords Sites Showing/Not-showing?
Webmaster World

“…only ads which have been reviewed and approved may go to the top. So if you are appearing in one of the top spots, and then make changes to the ad, it will go over to the right. Once reviewed and approved, it may or may not go back up top, depending on if it still meets the additional standard or not.”

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Winners Of 5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards Announced
Search Engine Watch Mar 31 2005 11:56PM GMT
Shaw Guides: Database of educational travel and creative career program
ResourceShelf Mar 31 2005 11:50PM GMT
IceRocket Has Some New Searches
ResearchBuzz Mar 31 2005 11:45PM GMT
Tony Blair Googlebomb
Google Blogoscoped Mar 31 2005 11:43PM GMT
WordPress Banned by Google for Spamming
Slashdot Mar 31 2005 11:38PM GMT
American Blinds Case: Motion to Dismiss Is Denied
Searchblog Mar 31 2005 11:36PM GMT
Zhongsou Searches And Finds US$6 Million Investment Mar 31 2005 11:35PM GMT
Second sight
The Guardian Mar 31 2005 11:34PM GMT
Google enhances search for Firefox users
CNET Mar 31 2005 11:32PM GMT
Google acquires traffic info start-up
SiliconBeat Mar 31 2005 11:31PM GMT
Barry Diller’s search for meaning
Corante Mar 31 2005 11:30PM GMT Inc. Issues Update on Plan to Acquire Copernic Technologies Inc
Investors Business Daily sub Mar 31 2005 10:23PM GMT
FindWhat Broadens Network
ClickZ Today Mar 31 2005 9:00PM GMT
Meta-search: More heads better than one?
ZDNet Mar 31 2005 7:58PM GMT
Frenzy Begins Over Cookie Alternative
ClickZ Today Mar 31 2005 5:10AM GMT

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