SearchDay: Do Social Networks Bring Out the Animal in Us?

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Frank Watson
Do Social Networks Bring Out the Animal in Us?
» SEM CROSSFIRE: Two industry veterans provide their insights on the hottest topics in SEM
The surreal nature of the Web has shown it brings out the animal in people who don’t feel anchored to society’s rules. Kevin Ryan visits SEM Crossfire to add his thoughts on the flawed promise of social networking bringing human communities together.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - William Flaiz
How to Take on a Major SEO Client
» OUTSOURCED: The inside scoop on life at an SEM agency
Taking on a large search engine optimization client can be a daunting proposition. But it’s simple, when you break it down: first, give them what they need; then give them what they want. Finally, give them what they don’t yet know they need.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Elisabeth Osmeloski
What’s In Your Travel Tool Bag? – Part 2
» VERTICAL SEARCH: Expert advice on search marketing in vertical markets
Are we just so mesmerized by the glitz and glam of the coolest, latest and greatest flavor of the day that we’ve become oblivious to basic principles of marketing? How about creating a product that fulfills a specific need, is well positioned against its competition, is priced appropriately, and is promoted within the right context?
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Yahoo Nominates Current Board but Postpones Shareholder Meeting
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yahoo has nominated 9 of the 10 current board members for re-election this July. But the shareholders meeting has been postponed.
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Microsoft Closing Live Search Books and Academic Projects
Posted by Nathania Johnson
While they will still index books and scholarly publications in their primary search index, Microsoft’s digitization initiatives will come to an end.
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Google’s Page Says Microsoft Does ‘Bad Stuff’
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google co-founder Larry Page was in the nation’s capital making the case for white spaces when the conversation inevitably turned to Microsoft-Yahoo.
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Microsoft’s Ballmer Says Yahoo Bid Was ‘Never Strategic’
Posted by Nathania Johnson
In a statement that no one believes, Steve Ballmer said in Moscow today that the bid for Yahoo was ‘never strategic.’
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Search: The Next Five Years
Posted by Mike Grehan
Should search engine ranking algorithms continue to be based only on the data they have about people who happen to have web sites and therefore have text pages and can link to others. Or is the voice and opinion of the end user now being heard much more clearly?
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Keyword in URL
Posted by nadirh
I know that if the keyword phrase is in the URL it helps with SEO. I also understand that dashes (-) are recognized as word separators in URL. My question is what about the URL without the dash. It would be fairly easy for Google to recognize the 2 words, but does anyone know their approach here?
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Google Third Party Ads
Posted by Dan01
I wonder if this is a good thing. I don’t think I want these on my site. Google has the largest advertising network in the world. Who are these third party advertising agencies?
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