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Google Enhances Personalized Search
Search Engine Watch

“Now you can save and track your searches on Google, similar to features already on A9, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo. What do you think of Google’s implementation and how might having it jump in the search history pond change things?”

Is the Negativity Towards Google Becoming a Bit Much?
High Rankings Forum

“Is Google really ready to crash and burn or are frustrated SEOs [search engine optimizers” just mad cuz their tricks don’t work as well any more and they’re sick of explaining it to their clients?”

Google Wants All the “oogles”?
Webmaster World

“Google recently lost an ICANN decision over the domain name Now they’re going after the same target in US District Court, but with a broader brush.”

Possible for Someone to Hack Into My Stat Page Using Google?
Cre8asite Forums

“….grab a string of text from your stats page that may be unique to that page. Maybe up to a dozen words that appear in a row. Put quotation marks around them, and search for that phrase. If it appears in that search, then you know that it could be found by someone who might be looking.”

Penalty for Dead Links?
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve read that your site may be penalized for having dead outbound links on it (I guess b/c the search engine would assume that your site is not maintained regularly?). Is there any hard evidence on how much of a penalty you receive?”

How to get My Ads Shown on Specific Content Network Pages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does anyone know how do go about doing this? Is there a tool somewhere that you can type in a URL, like, say,, and it will spit out what keyword(s) to bid on to get on that page?”

Do Engines Count RSS Feeds?
High Rankings Forum

“I had a thought while checking some indexed pages for a site… the RSS feed appears in Google’s index. While it changes frequently, it does seem that the engines are crawling the RSS feeds and indexing them. They are like a perfect little site map to your new content- a link, a title, a description, and typically a snippet.”

Cookie Deletion Study Exaggerated
High Rankings Forum

“MarketingVox has an extensive study …and found three main areas of inaccuracies: 1. First party cookies v. third party cookies, 2. Spyware programs that delete old cookies, 3. Users reported different behavior other than what they actually DID. (no!)”

Are Google Results Sometimes Human Edited?
Webmaster World

“When you consider that the top 100 kw [keyword” sectors (probably 1-2k unique kw’s) receive 90-95% of the search traffic in Google a month, it is a sure bet those 100 sectors are hand checked each and every major update (multiple times). I’ve heard the top 50 searches get checked – probably daily.”

Usability Versus Online Marketing
Cre8asite Forums

“…we want a clean clear design on the home page with minimum text, but the marketing dept want lots of text for the Search Engines. What’s the solution – compromise?”

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Google Doubles Revenue, Extends Focus On Big Advertisers
ClickZ Today Apr 21 2005 10:18PM GMT
Yahoo Buys to gain market share in Latin America
Search Engine Round Table Apr 21 2005 9:52PM GMT
ChoiceStream is Yahoos choice for gift service
Mass High Tech Apr 21 2005 9:46PM GMT
Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart
Wired News Apr 21 2005 9:34PM GMT
Search ads fire up Google profits
BBC Apr 21 2005 9:27PM GMT
Target, Yahoo in Online Picture Developing Pact
Reuters UK Apr 21 2005 9:01PM GMT
Yahoo appoints agencies for Euro ad drive
Netimperative Apr 21 2005 3:38PM GMT
ON THE WEB: Working women online resources Apr 21 2005 3:29PM GMT
Find RSS Feeds in Yahoo and Google
ResearchBuzz Apr 21 2005 3:19PM GMT
Study Ties Online Strongly To Offline Purchases
Search Engine Watch Apr 21 2005 3:17PM GMT
Google (AdWords Dept.) Groks Ecosystem… Film at 11
Traffick Apr 21 2005 3:15PM GMT
Google Distributes Local Search, Ads
ClickZ Today Apr 21 2005 12:24PM GMT Expands Image-Based Local Search
PC Magazine Apr 21 2005 5:30AM GMT
New Vertical Search Engine helps Information Technology Students
The Hosting News Apr 21 2005 3:05AM GMT
Yahoo Doubles Profits
ClickZ Today Apr 20 2005 12:00AM GMT

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