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Link Building Vs. Brand Building
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Are the two really mutually exclusive? Share ideas on how link building can support online brand building initiatives.”

Yahoo Sales Up, Profits Down
Webmaster World
“Yahoo Inc. reported late Tuesday that third-quarter profit fell 37%, as higher advertising sales at its collection of Internet sites weren’t enough to offset stock options costs and higher expenses.”

MySpace Profiles for Businesses
WebProWorld Forum
“Besides spamming fellow MySpace website owners what are some respectable ways of marketing your new business website to specific users and globally across all users? For instance if I build out a clothing website for adults, can I target only adult profiles some how? Lastly are their some small optimization techniques to get listed high on the search results for specific keywords?”

New Search Partners For Google?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Does Google have new partners for AdWords? My campaign spend has gone up a significant amount over the past few days with no increase at all in conversions. Has anyone else noticed something similar?”

Anecdotal Evidence On Old Domains
High Rankings Forum
“I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that changing ownership, server, and content can result in a change of status in the eyes of Google. This to me is VERY poor, as this client has now suffered because his old design company registered the domain in THEIR name rather than his!”

Google AdWords Landing Page Website Optimizer
Webmaster World
“Website Optimizer is a free and self-service tool. Without extensive experience or resources, you can run multivariate experiments on landing page content, including headlines, promotional copy, and images.”

WordPress And Google: Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues
Webmaster World
“…So now I can have 3 categories: A,B,C and then make a post which will be posted in all 3 cats…it’ll show in each category, as well as on main page and in archives. What do you think, is this duplicate content, or not? How does Google treat such a behaviour?”

Keywords Within Comment Tags
Small Business Ideas Forum
“Comment tags are supposed to be used for annotating your code for your own purposes, so you can put anything in there you want to. Just don’t expect it to do anything whatsoever for you in terms of rankings.”

Live Search’s LinkFromDomain Command
Webmaster World
“Live Search announced a few days ago that they are now supporting a new operator called linkfromdomain. This search will return all outgoing links from a domain (this currently does not work for subdomains). Now you can quickly see what your website is linking or what quality sites your competition is linking to.”

Conversion Tracking Revisited?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I’m trying to get the conversion tracking code on my ‘Thank You Page’ but I’m not sure how to get in there to do it. ”

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