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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
Everyone is Twittering, But Is Anyone Listening?
Is Dale Carnegie rolling over in his grave because everyone on Twitter is trying to be heard, when the key to winning friends and influencing people is actually listening? If everyone uses Twitter to promote themselves, it will become tiresome and users will move on.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron
Twitter 101, Part 2
Part 1 was all about understanding Twitter, its benefits, and initial setup. Now it’s time to introduce you to tools and resources that will help you make the most out of Twitter.
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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg
Improve Lead Conversions with Speed and Quality
Today’s economic environment forces all of us to do more with the same or less. The way to get more sales out of lead-gen efforts is by increasing the conversion rate with fast and thorough follow-up.
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Think Microblogging is Hip? Try Nanoblogging!
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 7, 2009

With all the hype surrounding Twitter these days, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to outdo them and come out with an even faster and more efficient method of communciation. Enter Flutter. Flutter claims to be a nanoblogging service. Like all good Web 2.0 companies, they launched …
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Yahoo Image Search Update Reminiscent of Visual Search Engines
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 7, 2009

Visual search engines such as Searchme and Viewzi provide searchers with a graphical preview of web sites, video, and images. In its image search update, Yahoo appears to be taking a page from these visual search engines by offering a preview page when users click on an image. Yahoo says the …
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News Blogs Are Becoming the New Online Newspapers
Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 7, 2009

Back in December 2007, I observed that “Blogs Are the New Trade Press.” Today, it appears that news blogs are becoming the new online newspapers, too. According to “The State of the News Media 2009,” an annual report by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, “nearly …
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T-Mobile Planning Home Phone, Tablet Powered by Android
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 7, 2009

Last year, T-Mobile became the first mobile carrier to offer a cell phone powered by Google’s open source mobile platform, Android. The love affair between T-Mobile and Android must be serious because the carrier has big plans to expand Android to home devices for consumers. According to documents obtained by the …
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Med Students to Provide Answers on Health Search Engine
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 7, 2009

Health search engine Healia will be getting some assistance from medical students to help answer questions in the community section of their site. The feature is a results of a partnership with the American Medical Student Association. Between 75% and 80% of U.S. internet users have searched online for health information, …
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Proper way to launch site rebuild Apr 6, 2009
I am having my site rebuilt on a completely different platform. For now the old version is still live and indexed. Once I am ready to launch I will redirect the site name to the new version and discontinue the old. Obviously, some of the old pages in google will …
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How valuable are links from Apr 4, 2009
i have some unique content but adding it to my blog isnt helping it much since it is new. I was considering submitting it to . Is it worth submitting. What is the value of a link from ezine articles from the the point of view of google, seniors …
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Insight into FB/Social Media Users based on FB Relationship Status Apr 2, 2009
Just read an interesting article from CNN reporting on Facebook users ( and their relationship status. These are mainly college-aged individuals, but collectively represent the general user behavior of Facebook users. According to the article, FB users DO treat relationship status as legitimate. In other words, social interaction is legitimized on Facebook. …
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