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Is PPA Dead?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I notice there’s not much talk about PPA (Pay Per Action) anymore. I tested it briefly a while back and shut down my test because of extremely low volume. If the distribution channel (publishers) don’t endorse an ad format then it’s dead, since no distribution means advertisers are not interested. ”

Link Depreciation
Cre8asite Forums
“I understand that if a page links out multiple times using the same anchor text each time, then the value of the second anchor text/link will be lower than that of the first. Does this apply to plurals?”

How to Get More Pages into Google
High Rankings Forum
“Clean code is something that is often overlooked and while having clean code does not directly influence your search rankings, it should certainly get more attention.”

Ultimate Link Strategy to Choose
Webmaster World
“I suspect that the best link strategy is to have an assortment of links that resemble the backlink patterns of trusted sites within your niche.”

Is it Time for SEMs to Grow Up?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“The search marketing industry is immature, both in the sense that nearly all the players are under 10 years old, and in the way partnerships are created and maintained.”

The Best Websites Are Useful and Ugly
Cre8asite Forums
“While I agree that it’s more important to be useful than it is to look good, I can’t go along with the comment that ‘the more beautiful a site is, the less functional it is.'”

Are Google Reports Still Effective?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“With so many reporting tools, we advertisers are often looking at the same data in 5 different places, and it’s a time sink. Is it time to kick out the clutter?”

Google Shies Away from Behavioral Ad Targeting
Webmaster World
“The idea that you can profile the activity on a computer into better marketing has so many flaws, it’s ridiculous.”

Newbie and Crappy
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Although I have been doing this for three years I still feel lost on search engine terminology and strategies. What can I do to grow and learn and get on top of things?”

Ask Your Kid or Nephew to Help Your SEM Campaign
Cre8asite Forums
“There are loads of Xbox Live games now which let the users customize their environment, from clothing on characters to paint jobs on cars.”

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