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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Cabela’s, Performics, and Performance Marketing
Today. we’ll look at an interesting promotion that drives online shoppers to offline retail locations using coupons. There are some important things to learn from this successful online/offline promotion.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Before You Start Link Building
Link building is not something you should launch into without doing some planning. You need to think through the overall plan, because doing so will help you obtain significantly better results.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Is Twitter a Google Killer? Not Yet
The easier a search engine is to manipulate, the less likely it is to deliver quality results. Right now, Twitter Search is just too easy to manipulate.
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Google Updates Search Suggestion Feature with Links and Personalization
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 22, 2009

Google is making 4 major updates to its search suggestion feature. If you’re not aware, Google Suggest is a list of keywords that appear in a drop-down menu when you type your query on It was set as default on the Google homepage last August. The new updates will …
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Posted by Nathania Johnson May 22, 2009

Last year, Microsoft’s Live Search began adding large images to the homepage with various “hotspots” that, when clicked on, directed visitors to various searches. Now, seems to be taking that approach, with a twist. An advertising twist. Today, at is a large promotional image of the upcoming film, Night at …
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YouTube Insight Now Downloadable, Plus Google Analytics for Brand Channels
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 22, 2009

Google has a couple of new releases for analytics features on YouTube. First up is the ability to download Insight from YouTube. Insight was initially launched last October and provides data on which parts of a video are most popular among viewers, how viewers discovered videos, geographic information, and when …
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Zombie Tweets Found in Search, Twitter App
Posted by Nathania Johnson May 22, 2009

Remember that Tweet you thought you deleted? It never really died. It lives on in the Twitter search – and at a Twitter app called Tweleted. Jonathan Ross found this out the hard way when he posted his email address on Twitter. Ross has a quarter million followers and decided that …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Does 301 redirect = Cname redirect? May 20, 2009
Ok. I understand the need to point to What I cannot understand is how. I do not have access to the server webconfigs. I have to do this via 301 redirect. My site is hosted on a server and the real site name is I tell godaddy …
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How To Generate Business For An SEO Company May 20, 2009
Hi There, I know this sound a little like an oxymoron an seo company needing help in drumming up business. But there you go. I started learning SEO about three years ago and have done freelance for a while. About six months ago I started my own business. However, business has now …
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Yahoo Search Engine Ranking Positions May 15, 2009
Hi There – I have a couple of sites that do really well on Google i.e. #’s 1 and 2 positions for their keyword phrases. Although, both of these sites don’t do very well at all on Yahoo. Both of these sites have the Yahoo Business Directory links and I …
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